Signs Your Vehicle is in Need of a Transmission Repair

If you are like most Sacramento drivers, the words “transmission repair” sounds expensive and stressful. While repairs may range in cost and timing, you can always help reduce the chance of an expensive transmission repair by catching the signs early and taking your vehicle to an auto technician as soon as possible. While it may be tempting to “ride it out” and ignore signs of trouble, this can result in further damage and possibly needing your entire transmission replaced. To help save you from the extra hassle, we have put together a short list of transmission trouble signs.

It’s a Struggle to Shift Gears

To stay safe on the road, you’ll need to be able to shift gears at a moment’s notice. If you find that there is a hesitation while changing gears or the gear falls out of place while you’re driving, it could be a major sign that your vehicle is in need of a transmission repair. Also be on the lookout for problems like your gear shifting on its own or feeling a slight jerking while attempting to shift.

Your Car Creates a Slight Squeal

Listening to your vehicle is the fastest way to notice any problems that may occur. While faulty brakes may also create a squealing sound, the sound for transmission problems resembles more of a whining sound. You may also notice noises like an unusual humming or in even worse cases, a clunking noise. If you are usually aware of the sounds your vehicle makes, it will be easier to notice when unusual noises are occurring. While noises could be a result of another problem, it’s worth having an auto technician check if your transmission is the problem.

You Notice a Burnt Smell

Remember, your senses are the best tool you have to detect auto trouble! In addition to the sounds you may hear, be aware of any unusual smells. If your transmission goes out, your gears will begin to overheat as a result of the friction, this will likely create a burning smell that’s hard to miss. Don’t just assume it’s burnt rubber, that burning smell may mean your transmission is in urgent need of a repair. In any case, unusual smells should always encourage you to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

At Standard Auto Care we know needing any vehicle repair can be a stressful ordeal, which is why we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service to make the process a little easier. With Standard Auto Care, you can rest assured you will only receive honest service that you can rely on. We’ll never surprise you with extra costs, or leave you wondering what was actually done to your vehicle. Our highly-trained technicians will walk you through every step of the process. To schedule your appointment or transmission repair Sacramento, CA today give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St. Sacramento, CA 95815.

Signs Your Toyota Needs a Repair

Many Sacramento drivers will wait until an accident occurs or their Toyota flat out stops before bringing it in for a repair. Unfortunately, this choice will only prolong your repair time and will typically result in an even more expensive repair. Just because your Toyota is still able to function on the road, doesn’t mean that it isn’t in need of an urgent repair. To help you avoid an expensive repair, or potentially ruining your Toyota for good, we have put together this short list of warning signs that it’s time to bring your Toyota in for a repair.

Your Check Engine Light Has Come On

It’s common for many drivers to ignore the little “check engine” light on their Toyota and blame it on a faulty fuse or broken light. However, this is one warning sign you should always check up on. Even if your engine isn’t in real danger, it could be a sign that an engine-related issue has occurred. The longer you put off this repair, the more likely that what could be something simple could turn into major engine damage. Replacing the engine on a Toyota could cost thousands of dollars, so it’s best to bring it in while the repair cost is still in the low hundreds.

Your Toyota is Speaking to You

The best way to be aware of problems with your Toyota is to keep your eyes and ears open. If you notice sounds coming from your vehicle, such as a high pitch squeal or a grinding noise, especially when coming to a stop, chances are your Toyota is experiencing some brake issues. Putting off this problem not only puts your vehicle in danger, but it also puts your life in danger. You don’t want to wait until the day you really need those brakes to work to find out the problem has escalated.

You Notice Your Toyota is Shaking or Rattling

While stopped at a light, pay attention to the motion of your Toyota. While it’s normal for vehicles to lose a bit of smoothness over time, if you notice the car seems to be struggling or sputtering, it could be a sign of potential engine trouble. Don’t stress just yet, it could still be a simple repair and not a full blown engine replacement, but it’s still a good idea to get your vehicle in as soon as possible to keep the problem from becoming any worse.

At Standard Auto Care, the safety of you and your Toyota are of the utmost importance to us, which is why there is no repair too big or too small for our team. If you notice one or more of the signs above, we strongly suggest making an appointment to bring your Toyota in for a repair. We will never exceed our estimate without your OK, and you won’t find any unpleasant surprises with our auto repair service in Sacramento, CA costs, just clear cut transparency. To make your appointment today, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St Sacramento, CA 95815.

Important Maintenance Checks and Repairs for Your Nissan

If you are hoping to maintain the quality of your Nissan, it’s important to find a Sacramento auto technician that can handle both larger Nissan repairs and simple maintenance checks. Bringing your Nissan in for the right repairs at the right time is the key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and without problems. Still, many drivers have a hard time sticking to the recommended auto schedule for their Nissan, which can lead to some major problems. To help, we have created a short repair and maintenance calendar for your Nissan.

Simple Nissan Repairs to Perform Once a Month

Each month, there are minor maintenance repairs that should be done on your Nissan to prevent any damage from occurring. These auto maintenance Sacramento, CA checks are simple, but should still be done by an auto technician that understands and has prior experience working with Nissans. You will want your auto technician to check your oil levels to see if they need topping off. It’s also important to have your hoses and belts checked at this time to see if they can spot any bulging, rotting, fraying or glazing. To help you stay safe on the road, you will also want to frequently check the tire pressure on your Nissan.

Simple Nissan Repairs to Perform Once Every Three Months

By the time you have added an extra 3,000 miles (or every three months), it will be time to have the fluids and cables in your Nissan examined. This includes your windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and most importantly, your transmission fluid. Ask your auto technician to examine your battery terminals and cables to check for any corrosion that may occurr. This is also the time where most Nissans will need to have their oil and oil filter changed.

Simple Nissan Repairs to Perform Every Six Months

Once or twice a year, you will want to do a deeper examination on the some of the parts of your Nissan. This means checking for worn, brittle or smeary wiper blades and ensuring that your horn is still functioning properly. Most importantly, this is the time to check the brakes on your Nissan for any unusual wear and tear. Have your auto technician inspect your Nissan’s exhaust system to check for any rust, damage, or loose parts and have shocks inspected for oil seepage or wear.

If you are looking for a Nissan repair center you can rely on, Standard Autocare is the right stop for you. Not only are all of our auto technicians fully trained to handle the specific needs of Nissans, but they are also devoted to quality customer service and transparency throughout the repair process. If you are interested in speaking with an auto technician today, or would like to schedule an appointment for your Nissan, simply give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St Sacramento, CA 95815. We look forward to assisting you with all of your Nissan needs.

What to Ask an Auto Technician about Your Honda Repair?


Many Sacramento drivers dread bringing in their Honda for a repair. When something goes wrong with your Honda, it seems like just the tip of the iceberg as you begin the long and expensive journey of getting your vehicle repaired. This is why it’s so important to ensure you are asking the right questions before and during the repair process to save yourself time, money and headaches. While being without a vehicle may spark some urgency, it’s best to take your time when speaking to a repair technician about your Honda.

1. “Can you show me the problem with my Honda?”
While the majority of auto technicians aren’t trying to rob you blind, there are always a few bad apples in the mix. By asking this simple question, you can gauge the reaction of the technician and easily tell if what is being said is the real problem at hand. If you request to see the part that’s no longer working, or to see where it’s failing, you’ll be able to determine if a part replacement is necessary.

2. “How necessary is this repair to my Honda?”
While your auto technician may find additional problems with your vehicle, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean the problems are urgent or that they even have any long-term consequences. Ask up front what will happen if those additional repairs are put off. They could range from very simple to very serious. While every part of your Honda is essential to its overall quality, your existing repairs may already be all the cost you can handle.

3. “Which repair for my Honda needs to be done first?”
While your Honda may need multiple repairs, you can always ask your auto technician to prioritize the repairs in order of importance. If some of the repairs can wait until a later date, it’s more important to complete the repairs that can get you back on the road.

4. “Can I keep the broken Honda part?”
If you already have a bad feeling about the auto shop you’re working with and feel the need to have some tangible proof that they’ve completed what you’ve paid them for, you can always ask to keep the broken Honda part. Not only will this save you from paying for work that wasn’t done, it will also save you from experiencing further problems later on.

The best way to ensure you are receiving a quality Honda repair is by starting with a Sacramento, CA auto repair shop you can trust. At Standard Auto Care, we have decades of experience repairing Hondas and will offer nothing but honesty and transparency throughout the repair process. Our team of auto technicians will answer any questions you may have regarding the repair and will keep you fully informed every step of the way. To speak with an auto technician today and schedule an appointment for your Honda, call us at 916-924-8040 or visit our shop located at 2240 Colfax St Sacramento, CA 95815.

Why You Should Trust Standard Auto Care with Your GM Repair

We get it. Repairing your GM vehicle can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a Sacramento auto technician you can trust. Being without your GM vehicle can make it difficult to care for your family and responsibilities, not to mention the rising costs of repairs. At Standard Auto Care, we have everything you’re looking for when it comes to your GM repair. Here we will be discussing a few reasons why Standard Auto Care is the right repair shop for your GM vehicle.

Standard Auto Care Offers Nationwide Warranties

Afraid of paying for an expensive repair, just to have you GM vehicle break down again? Chances are you would like to avoid paying for the same repair twice, which is why working with a shop that offers a warranty is the smartest choice you can make. At Standard Auto Care, we offer all of our customers a 3 year 36,000 mile nationwide warranty that includes parts and labor. Why would we offer such a thing? Because we have so much faith in our repair capabilities we know your vehicle will continue on problem free!

Decades of Quality Customer Service

Taking your GM repair to a major company usually means long wait times, expensive prices and cold customer service. Standard Auto Care is a family owned and operated auto repair shop in Sacramento, CA that has provided our customers with quality customer service and care for over 20 years. At Standard Auto Care, you can rest assured you will be treated like family throughout your repair process, not just another customer in the line.

Free Towing and Loaner Car

Being without your GM vehicle can put a hold on everything, especially if you don’t have a second car to use. At Standard Auto Care, we want your GM repair to be as simple and pain-free as possible, which is why we will provide free towing and will even give you a ride to or from work while your car is being repaired.

We Practice Full Transparency

Bringing your car in for a specific repair? We’ll only repair that problem, unless you ask us to do otherwise. Have a specific budget in mind? We won’t exceed our estimate without getting your OK first. We know how stressful having your GM repaired can be, which is why we won’t hit you with any extra surprises or costs. If we find there are additional issues with your vehicle, we will advise you without pressuring you into extra repairs.

If you still aren’t sure if Standard Auto Care is the right choice for your GM repair, we suggest reading some of our many testimonials or speaking directly with one of our auto technicians. Our technicians are here to answer any questions you may have without pressuring you to make any repairs. To speak with a technician today or schedule an appointment for your GM repair, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or stop by 2240 Colfax St Sacramento, CA 95815.

Finding the Right Auto Technician for Your Ford

When it comes to taking care of your Ford, you don’t want to wait until something has gone wrong to find the right auto technician. Not all auto technicians hold experience working with Ford’s and when you are without a car, you are more likely to make a rush decision in an attempt to get your vehicle back as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this can result in the repair shop taking even longer to repair your Ford and costing you more money than it should. To prevent this from occurring, it’s best to find a shop you like ahead of time so when a major repair is necessary, you know who to turn to.

  1. Talk to Those You Trust

Have any friends or family members with Fords? It’s best to speak with them to receive a recommendation on who they trust with Ford repairs. General reviews are great to go off of, but you will want some feedback specific to your car brand. Speaking to someone you trust will also ensure you are receiving a genuine referral and not just someone trying to promote a friend or colleague.

  1. Test Out Their Skills

If you have an upcoming oil change or maintenance check, it’s the perfect time to see how well a potential shop works with your Ford. In addition to seeing the costs and time associated with simple repairs, you’ll also gain some insight on the level of customer respect a shop offers. Be sure to pay attention to little details, such as how much information they offer about your vehicle, what’s about to happen, and what they recommend should happen in the future. If an auto-technician seems to brush you off or doesn’t offer you the respect you deserve, you’ll know they aren’t the right shop for you.

  1. Run a Phone Interview

Don’t be afraid to speak with an auto technician over the phone to have your questions answered. Be sure to ask about a shops’ prior experience with Ford, any special qualifications the auto technicians may hold, or any awards or recognitions the shop may have received. Usually, a simple phone call is enough to determine mannerisms and dedication to customer service. If you call during a busy time, call back a little earlier to get a better idea of the services offered.

At Standard Auto Care, we know how difficult it is to find a quality auto repair shop for Ford’s in Sacramento. That’s why our team is highly trained in all of the specific needs of Ford vehicles. At Standard Auto Care, you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on with your vehicle. We always provide full transparency during all of our repairs as part of our effort to offer top of the line customer service. If you would like to speak with an auto technician today, or would like to schedule an appointment to bring in your Ford, just give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in at 2240 Colfax St Sacramento, CA 95815.

Preventative Auto Maintenance for Your Vehicle

In Sacramento and throughout the country, drivers have a habit of putting off auto maintenance until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this often results in paying more for repairs and having to go an extended period of time without your vehicle. By choosing to follow up on simple auto maintenance checks you can extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the chance of serious damage occurring. While most drivers have the best intentions of keeping up with their auto maintenance Sacramento, CA, we understand life has a tendency of getting in the way. To simplify the process we have put together a short auto maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of your vehicle’s needs.

Monthly Checks:

  • Have an auto technician inspect your “check engine” light
  • Have your vehicles interior and exhaust pipes cleaned
  • Have head lights, tail lights, and interior lights checked
  • Have the condition of your tires checked and inflate any tires that look low on air.
  • Top off your windshield washer fluid

Every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles

  • Have your transmission fluid topped off
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your battery and cables
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your belts
  • Clean and top off your engine oil and filters
  • Have your exhaust inspected
  • Have all hoses and lights inspected
  • Replace or top off power steering fluid

Every 6 months or 6,000 miles

  • Have your automatic transmission fluid checked, changed, or topped off
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your fuel filters
  • Have your vehicle’s battery replaced
  • Have your chassis lubricated
  • Have your power steering fluid checked and topped off

Every 9 months or 9,000 miles

  • Have hoses and lights checked
  • Have tires rotated and balanced
  • Have your engine air filter checked and replaced

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles

  • Have your brake pads checked and replaced if needed
  • Have all belts and cables checked
  • Have Coolant (antifreeze) replaced
  • Have any corroded hoses replaced
  • Have your steering and suspension checked
  • Have your wiper blades replaced
  • Check on your signal lights, head lights, and tail lights as well as all dashboard lights

Remember, these are routine auto checks that should occur no matter the type of vehicle you drive. If you hear any strange sounds, notice your vehicle is leaking fluids, or find any strange smells coming from your car, don’t wait for your next maintenance check to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. At Standard Auto, we give the same precision and quality care to your routine maintenance checks as we do to major repairs. Our highly trained staff will take every detail into account as we inspect your car for any signs of future damage.  Quality customer service is our top priority, which is why you can always expect transparency and clear communication no matter the repair. To speak with one of our expert auto technicians today, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815.

Signs its Time for an Engine Repair

There is nothing Sacramento drivers dread more than seeing the worrisome “check engine” light illuminate on their dashboard. While it may be true that engine troubles are a major inconvenience (for both your transportation and your wallet), by simply paying attention to the right signs early on, you can catch any engine issues from the start and have them repaired before things escalate into larger problems. To help you recognize potential engine trouble early on, we have put together a short list of signs to be on the lookout for with your vehicle.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

One of the earliest signs of engine trouble an unusual amount of exhaust smoke coming from your vehicle. A simple way to tell what’s occurring within your vehicle is by looking at the color of the smoke. If the smoke appears blue then it’s a sign of oil burning, while white smoke indicates coolant is burning and black smoke is a sign of an increase in gasoline use.

Shaking, Rattling, and Rolling

Be aware of how your car feels, especially when parked at a light. If the car seems to be struggling, sputtering or lightly rattling, then it could be a sign of engine trouble. Still, this isn’t necessarily something to stress over, it could be a simple fix rather than a large repair on your hands. Bring your vehicle into an auto technician as soon as possible to be sure of the cause.

Your Vehicle Stalls or Flat Our Stops

If your car flat out dies while driving or has a hard time getting started up in the first place, take it as a major sign of engine trouble. Not only will waiting to get your vehicle checked out at this stage cause the problem to worsen, it’s also extremely dangerous to drive in such a condition.

Knock, Knock

Listening to your vehicle is a simple way to check for any problems that may be occurring. In terms of listening for engine difficulty, be aware of a knocking noise coming from your vehicle as a sign that this vital part has become worn down. It’s best to have the sound checked out by a technician right away to avoid needing to replace your entire engine.

The Light

Finally, that pesky check engine light. While it may be tempting to write off an illuminated check engine light as a short fuse or a faulty bulb, it isn’t worth the potential damage that can be caused by not having your vehicle inspected. We highly recommend playing it safe and getting your vehicle checked out the moment you notice the light has come on.

At Standard Auto, we understand anytime engine repair Sacramento, CA trouble occurs is a stressful time for vehicle owners. Which is why we make it our priority to offer quality customer service, transparency, and craftsmanship throughout the repair process. To schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected for engine trouble, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St. Sacramento, Ca 95815.

What You Need to Know About Timing Belt Replacements

While the majority of Sacramento drivers may be familiar with routine maintenance and repair such as oil changes and engine checks, many aren’t aware of when or why they may need their timing belt replaced. First, it’s important to understand what your timing belt is and why you need it. Your timing belt is responsible for perfectly timing the opening and closing of your valves in synchronization with the up-and-down movements of your pistons. Over time, this belt needs to be replaced to continue to allow your vehicle to smoothly function while on the road.

While most driver will be faced with replacing a timing belt during the life of their vehicle, it may not need to happen as frequently as you may think. In fact, most vehicle owner’s manuals suggest that timing belts be replaced anywhere from 60,000 to 106,000 miles. High mileage cars may be able to continue with a timing belt past its interval time, however, it isn’t recommended for maintaining a quality vehicle.

In some cases, a timing belt may break prior to its mileage count due to external factors. These factors could include leaking water pumps, faulty belts, improper tension, or a timing belt being covered in engine oil. If you notice any sudden changes in your vehicle’s performance, or are preparing for a lengthy road trip, we recommend bringing the vehicle into an auto technician to have the condition of your timing belt inspected. A smooth running engine does not always ensure your timing belt is in proper shape, so be sure to have it checked despite your engine receiving a clean pass.

You can know precisely when your timing belt needs to be replaced by staying aware of some specific signs. These signs may include a lack of power, slow pick-up, a dull rattling noise, or a slight vibration when the car is stopped at a light. Your auto technician will be able to decipher whether a timing belt needs to be repaired or completely replaced. Remember, not all cars have a timing belt, so if you are noticing some of these symptoms in a more modern vehicle it may be a sign that there is damage with the timing chain instead. Again, it’s best to check with an auto technician to be aware of exactly where the problem is occurring and what needs to be done.

At Standard Auto, the safety of both you and your vehicle are of the utmost importance to us, which is why all of our inspections are treated with dedicated care and craftsmanship. Our highly trained technician team will be able to decipher the issue with your timing belt replacement, CA and give you an honest assessment of whether or not a replacement needs to occur. To schedule an appointment to have your timing belt checked give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, Ca 95815. We look forward to assisting you with all of your auto care needs.

Signs That Your Vehicle is In Need of a Clutch Repair

In Sacramento and throughout the country, countless drivers rely on their clutch to allow them to smoothly shift gears while on the road. Unfortunately, due to time and external factors, this important mechanism can become jammed or fail, making your car dangerous to drive. While a clutch repair is a less expensive process than other transmission issues, no one enjoys being inconvenienced by having to be without a vehicle or shelling out extra cash. The key is to catch the problem as soon as it occurs to ensure your clutch can be repaired quickly and affordably. To help ensure you are aware of any potential issues with your clutch, we have put together a short list of signs to be aware of.

  • Difficulty Shifting Gears

The first, and most obvious, sign of needing a clutch repair is experiencing difficult while shifting gears, or noticing that your vehicle is slightly shaking every time you attempt to shift. This symptom may be most noticeable when attempting to put the car into first gear or reverse and can be a sign that your clutch has become worn down.

  • Your Clutch Slips Out of Gear

If you don’t have difficult shifting gears, but instead notice that your vehicle seems to slip out of gear, it’s best to see an auto technician right away. This symptom is a sure sign of clutch damage and can be a major safety hazard while on the road.

  • A Burning Smell

Using your senses is the easiest way to indicate problems occurring within your vehicle, especially your sense of smell. If you notice a foul, burning smell that occurs while driving, it could be sign that friction is occurring on your worn out clutches. It is highly recommended to bring your vehicle in for an inspection the moment you notice this smell.

  • Noisy Shifting

Another way to use your senses is to be aware of any sounds that may occur while shifting. If your clutch makes a grinding sound while attempting to change gears, it is a strong sign that a clutch repair in Sacramento, CA needs to occur in order to continue driving smoothly and safely on the road. The sooner you bring your vehicle in for a check, the sooner a technician will be able to decipher whether the problem is with your clutch or another piece of the vehicle.

If you are looking for a quality repair service in the Sacramento area to handle your clutch repair, Standard Auto is the right shop for you. Our technicians hold decades of experience with a variety of cars and repair types and provide each service with the quality craftsmanship and customer service you deserve. If you notice one or more of the signs above, we strongly suggest bringing your vehicle into one of our technicians to have your clutch inspected. To schedule an appointment to have your clutch checked, give us a call at 916-924-8040, or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, Ca 95815.