Finding The Right Auto Repair Shop For You

If you live in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas, you know there are a lot of auto repair centers and mechanic shops from which to choose. Everyone needs their vehicle serviced from time to time. And, hopefully less often, everyone needs repairs. If you are new to the area or are recently looking for a repair shop to call, choosing wisely can be daunting! How do we—as car and truck owners –choose the right repair shop for our vehicles?

At Standard Auto Care, we want to help guide you in choosing a trusted auto repair shop in Sacramento, Ca, for your vehicle, whether you choose us or not. This quick guide should have you feeling confident in finding the right place for your vehicle in no time.

  1. Certification
    Wherever you go and no matter what type of vehicle you own, your repairs should be completed by a certified mechanic/technician. Look for ASE accreditation.
  2. Price
    Price alone should not determine where you go. An expensive shop does not necessarily mean higher-quality services and a cheap shop could indicate poor standards.
  3. Reviews
    The digital age is good for us in this way: information is at our fingertips. Look online! Check reviews and testimonials.
  4. Reputation
    Your neighbors can often be your best resource for the right places to go. Ask your neighbor, your doctor, your coworkers and family members—who do they bring their vehicles to for regular maintenance and major repairs? Ask for specific examples and their overall take on the quality of care.
  5. Warranty
    Whenever possible, bring your automobile to a shop with a lifetime warranty on parts and This will protect you in the event something goes wrong, which will save you money.
  6. Transparency
    All repairs and recommendations should be thoughtfully explained in language you can understand without pressure.
  7. Estimates
    Every so often, everyone needs extensive repairs. When the time comes, get the estimate in writing. This will allow you to review the details at home and compare it to other estimates in the area.
  8. Convenience
    Choose an auto repair shop in a convenient location. Would it work best to have your oil changed during your lunch hour near your employment office? Or would it work best have an auto shop near your neighborhood? Does the shop you’re considering offer transportation or rental services while your vehicle is being serviced? These are important questions to ask.
  9. Professional, friendly service
    There is nothing worse than a bad attitude or impersonal customer care, wouldn’t you agree? Getting your car or truck fixed should be a pleasant experience—it’s already a time-consuming, potential inconvenience to your schedule; unfriendly service is unacceptable.

Still unsure where to call “home” for your auto repairs? Give our team at Standard Auto Care a call. We’ll gladly show you around our shop and answer any questions you may have. It’s our mission to earn your trust and business and keep your car running smoothly and safely. We look forward to working with you!

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Your Trusted Bmw Repair Shop

If we’re being completely honest, luxury car owners do not want to bring their vehicle to “just any auto shop.” For example, a BMW is known as a top-of-the-line, luxury automobile. Owners know they have one of the best-manufactured vehicles on the roads.

Simply put, a BMW is a masterpiece.

At Standard Auto Care in Sacramento, CA, we understand the love of luxury. Over the decades, we have experienced the uniqueness of these amazing vehicles and their owners, who demand high-quality work from their chosen auto repair shop (as they should!)

What BMW owners look for in a repair shop:

  • Specialization: a high-end, German-made automobile is an exceptional animal. Owners want to select a repair shop with extensive knowledge of BMW design and construction.
  • High Standards: the shop’s history will give insight on their legitimacy as a luxury vehicle repair center. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are strong statements of a shop’s reputation.
  • Quality: Quality stems from experience, time, and technical training. Further, a shop with ASE certified technicians is a must.
  • Labor Rate: More often than not, you will pay less at an independent auto repair center than at a dealership. And, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go to a BMW dealer for service or repairs to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. You are legally allowed to have any certified auto shop service a BMW under warranty, as long as the work is done correctly.

Additionally, to keep current on your BMW, here are a few tips from our team regarding seasonal, at-home maintenance to ensure you’re doing your part and we’ll handle the rest.

Spring & Summer:
In general, the warmer season is the time BMW drivers use their vehicles. This is a good time to check under the hood for possible hose leaks, cracked belts, or oil filters in need of changing. Our team will happily show you what to look for if these checks are unfamiliar to you.

Fall & Winter:
We may live in the Golden State, full of sunshine and beaches, but we do experience cold. Cold weather is hard on any vehicle and with your BMW, you’ll want to baby it a bit. Here are some simple checks to make during the colder months (September – February):

  • Tire tread: something so simple, but vital to ensuring your BMW’s traction is performing as it should. Check tires for wear and even tread.
  • Tire pressure: also important for traction and top-performance of high-quality wheels and tires.

Salt from the ocean air and dirt on the roads will build up throughout the year in the wheel wells and along the underside of your vehicle. Your BMW should be cleaned/sprayed when it’s warm outside to remove debris and build up. Fluids should be checked either at home or at every tune-up, oil change, and scheduled maintenance repairs.

At Standard Auto Care, our experienced and certified Sacramento, CA BMW technicians can provide the expert care you expect for your BMW! We look forward to becoming your trusted auto repair center.

Standard Auto Care
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Your Alternator Repair Experts In Sacramento, Ca

We are all experts in some area. Unfortunately, very few are experts on their vehicles—particularly regarding the alternator. That’s okay!  Fortunately, our team here at Standard Auto Care can be your vehicle experts.

Let’s start with what the Sacramento alternator Repair is. In simple terms, the alternator is a “power recycler and restorer.” Its role is to generate an alternating current to the electrical components of your vehicle and to work with the battery to create power for the interior/exterior lights and instrument panel.

Clearly, the alternator is a pivotal piece of machinery. In fact, your vehicle’s electrical system depends heavily on a well-working alternator, otherwise the battery reserve would last for a very short time. When an alternator stops working altogether, repairs can be expensive and we want to help you avoid failure!

Warnings from your vehicle’s alternator:

  • Dim Lights: you may notice your headlights or dashboard lights beginning to dim.
  • Brighter lights: any issues within the wires the electricity is piped through may cause the alternator to produce more electricity than needed to compensate. This is usually accompanied by an electrical smell.
  • Strange Sounds: sometimes, drivers will hear a “whining” or “growling” noise prior to the alternator giving out, which could be the pulley out of alignment or the vehicle’s bearings or bushings are worn out.
  • Slow operation: automatic windows and powerseats seem to operate at a slower speed.
  • Starting: if your vehicle has trouble starting with a fully charged battery, there’s likely an alternator issue.
  • Odd Smells: alternators work together with a system of belts and when one is slipping on the alternator pulley, this causes excess friction and a burning rubber odor (and, poor alternator output). Tightening the belt may fix this, but if not—your vehicle needs to be evaluated by a professional.
  • Warning Light: modern cars typically have a light on the dashboard associated with the alternator. It may be shaped like a battery or say “ALT” for alternator or “GEN” for generator. This is not the only sign of an alternator issue, but the light will flash its warning based on how much life your alternator has and the vehicle’s electrical usage.

Reasons to call Standard Auto Care for your alternator repair needs:

  • We are family owned and operated for more than 20 years—you will be treated like family with quality, personal service
  • Guided by a strong Code of Ethics, to which all staff are held accountable
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs, including labor
  • Technicians who understand the Right to Repair and will protect your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free towing
  • Free loaner car during repairs
  • Repairs only on the necessities and advice—not pressure—on other problems
  • Zero surprises (you’ll know and approve every repair on your vehicle)

We invite you to visit us! Our team is friendly, honest, dependable and always happy to answer any of your auto repair questions—regarding your alternator or otherwise. Give us a call! We look forward to earning your trust and business.

Standard Auto Care
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6 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

A vehicle’s suspension system (shocks or struts) can easily be neglected. After all, we have many responsibilities and often the most glaring issues fail to make their way to the top of our priority list.

At Standard Auto Care, our team will make your vehicle our top priority. In doing so, we want to equip car and truck owners in the Sacramento, CA, area with six very recognizable signs that indicate you need to visit us for suspension repairs in Sacramento, CA.

Sign #1: Rough Rider
Your car or truck should ride smoothly. When the struts or shocks are wearing down, they stop absorbing the road, meaning you will begin to notice every bump and dip in the road—and it will be uncomfortable.

Sign #2: Nose Dives
If this is happening with your vehicle, it will be difficult to miss. When shocks are in need of replacement, you are likely to notice the body “lurching” in a forward and downward motion when braking hard. Healthy shocks will prevent this “nose dive.”

Sign #3: Drifts and Pulls AKA “Rollover Sensation”
This can feel scary. If your vehicle’s suspension is failing, you may feel it drift or pull when turning, which means the stability of your vehicle against the centrifugal force of a turn is compromised. In more simple terms, your risk of a rollover is heightened, significantly.

Sign #4: Balding is Bad
Is the tread wearing down on your tires unevenly? This is worth checking once in a while. Make this a habit while fueling up at the gas station. Look at the tires and assess the wear. Are there bald spots? These are caused by uneven amounts of pressure often associated with failing suspension.

Sign #5: Greasy Struts
For those of you willing to look under the vehicle, this is a helpful and proactive measure to take if you suspect a suspension issue. Unique oil is used for vehicle struts, which allows them to absorb bumps and dips in the surface of the road. When this oil begins to leak, it is visible. Note: this usually coincides with jarring and noticeably harsher bumps in transit.

Sign #6: Low Rider
Does one corner of your vehicle “lean” or seem lower than the others, but all tires are properly inflated? With near certainty, suspension repairs are needed.

Quick Test: Bouncy, Bouncy
Think your vehicle may need a visit with us? Give it the Bounce Test: push on the hood or truck and get it bouncing, then let go. Your car or truck should return to its normal height within three to four bounces. Any more than that—give our team a call.

Remember: safety first. You do not have to be a car and truck expert to be proactive in caring for your vehicle suspension. Save these tips and be mindful of any changes you feel while behind the wheel. Your vehicle’s suspension is key to a safe and comfortable ride. Our certified and friendly crew at Standard Auto Care will take care of your vehicle as if it were our own.

Standard Auto Care
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The Most Common Warning Signs You Need Transmission Repairs

Replacing a transmission is the second most expensive vehicle repair you will ever make—a close second to replacing the engine. We see this time and again: transmission repairs in Sacramento, CA, are put off, underestimated, and unnoticed, which will inevitably result in unnecessary expenses ranging from $1,800-$3,000…or more!

Our team here at Standard Auto Care wants to help vehicle owners in the Sacramento, CA, area take care of your cars and trucks so you get the longest life and safest travels out of them.

Take note of the following warning signs that are tied to potential transmission issues:

Shaking when shifting gears
A healthy transmission will not shake. If your transmission is functioning normally, your vehicle will run smoothly during gear shifts. Do you feel a jerking or shaking when shifting gears? Give our team a call—this annoyance could turn into a big issue down the road. The fix is likely as simple as flushing and adding new transmission fluid or a clutch replacement in manual transmission vehicles.

Smell burning fluid?
Hot transmission fluid has a very distinct, pungent smell similar to burning rubber. This smell indicates very dirty fluid or a leak that is dripping onto a hot engine. We’ll need to replace that transmission fluid soon to avoid further issues down the road. Running on old or dirty transmission fluid is actually just as harmful as neglecting oil changes for extended periods of time. Don’t let this go!

Transmission fluid leak
There is an array of issues associated with this and all are relatively easy and affordable to address: loose pans, improperly tightened bolts, cracked pan gaskets, unsecured drain plugs, damaged fluid lines, etc.

“Check Engine” light
Do not ignore this little light! Sure, sometimes this light comes on without your vehicle giving you any symptoms at all. But, you really do need to heed its warning, before the noises and smells or leaking fluids appear. Our team can quickly diagnose the exact issue and address it timely and affordably.

Noisy neutral
You can perform your own mini service check on your transmission by starting it, putting it in neutral, and listening for odd noises which could be described as ticking, groaning, or whining.

Slipping or stuck gears
Basically, your car or truck should do what you tell it to do. If you notice delays or gears changing without your “command,” or if you experience your vehicle refusing to shift into drive or reverse gear—there’s an issue. There could be a leak or a worn clutch plate (if a manual transmission). This requires immediate attention.

Our team at Standard Auto Care wants you and your family to remain safe. We want to help you protect your hard earned income! You do not want to find yourself in need of a new transmission when a much less costly repair was an option. Don’t let a simple fix turn into a huge issue. If any of these symptoms ring true, give our team a call!

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Who to Call for Transmission Repair?

When you buy a vehicle, you might want it to last forever. But no matter how much you want that to be the case, it’ll never happen. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a vehicle as it ages and you use it on a regular basis. Transmission repair is something that may very well become necessary. And when you have a feeling that you need transmission repair in Sacramento, who do you call? The answer is easy! Standard Auto Care! And here are just a few reasons why.

Reason#1: We are family owned and operated

When you are dealing with transmission repair, working with a family owned and operated business is in your best interest. You will get personal service from people who are part of your community. We will treat you like a family member because we live and work among you. We are one of your neighbors and we strive to offer you nothing but the best, most fair service.

Reason#2: We promise never to pressure you

If you don’t know that much about cars, you might feel out of sorts any time you need transmission repair or any other service. Any time a technician tells you that you need service on any area of your car, you might wonder if you really need it or if they are simply trying to pull one over on you. When you call Standard Auto Care, you can rest assured that we will only make necessary repairs. We will treat you with complete honesty and advise you of the issues your vehicle has. We won’t try to pressure you into anything at all. The decisions are yours! We can make recommendations, but it is your vehicle and we are here to service only what you deem okay.

Reason#3: We offer a warranty on all repairs

When you need transmission repair, you don’t want to have to go through the process twice. When you use Standard Auto Care, you don’t have to worry about the issue arising again. We offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all of the repairs we do, including both the parts and the labor. We’ll fix it once and you never have to worry about it again. If anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of it at no extra charge.

If your vehicle is acting up and you think you might need transmission repair, make Standard Auto Care your first and only call. Give us a call at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. You can also stop by our shop at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815 and ask any questions you have. We work with vehicles in Sacramento on a daily basis and we’re happy to help you with your transmission repair, regular maintenance, or anything in between. Work with Standard Auto Care and you get experienced, quality auto repairs with honesty thrown in!

Types of Alternator Repairs

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on any vehicle you drive in Sacramento. If you suspect your vehicle needs alternator repairs, you might not know that much more about it. There are actually a number of alternator repairs that are necessary from time to time. The professionals at Standard Auto Care are happy to take a look at your vehicle’s alternator in order to advise you on what needs to be done. Here are a few issues that can arise within an alternator.

-Complete Replacement

If the unit is defective from years of hard use, there is sometimes nothing you can do other than replace it. Even if it can be fixed, it is sometimes cost effective to simply replace the alternator.

-Parts Replacement

If most of the alternator is operational, it might be possible to replace just a small part of it in order to get the device up and running again. In some cases, the voltage regulator needs to be replaced. Small pieces within the alternator can go bad and cause the whole device to stop working. Fixing them can make it operational again.

-Fixing Small Components

There are also many internal components that work together to operate the alternator. There are brushes, bearings, and windings, all of which can get loose or corrode over time. Tightening, replacing, or fixing these components can help the alternator work well again.

Is Alternator Repair Required?

Before you get into the specifics, you will want to know whether or not your vehicle needs alternator repairs. In order to determine this, there are a few simple tests the technician will perform. The battery will first be charged and tested because it is hard to get a good reading from the alternator without a fully charged battery. Alternators have to have constant battery voltage in order to run well. Bad batteries can damage the alternator and make it work too hard. If the battery is okay, the voltage output of the alternator will be tested next.

Labor for alternator repairs can be intensive and many times, it works best to simply replace the alternator. Opening the alternator and replacing or cleaning a few items can conduct small common repairs. Whatever needs to be done, you need professional technicians to help in order to get the job done right.

Call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815. Whether you need alternator repair in Sacramento, or just have questions, we’re happy to help in any way we can with honesty and integrity on every occasion.

Cost of Suspension Repair in Sacramento

If your vehicle shakes or plunges when you go over bumps or you notice a strange feel when you go around corners, even if you are not going very fast, you might have to have suspension repair. The minute you start to notice something off, you may begin to wonder the age-old question. How much will suspension repair cost in Sacramento? The costs rely on a number of different variables. Those include items like:

-Vehicle Style

Some vehicle makes, models and years cost more in the suspension repair areas than others. The framework plays a big role in those costs and that is different on different vehicles. A luxury automobile will cost more for suspension repair than a standard vehicle, for example.

-The Damage

How damaged the suspension is will also help determine the cost. If the suspension has had issues for a while and you have ignored it, it might cost more for suspension repair than if you noticed it right away and went in for repairs immediately. If there is a lot of rust under the vehicle, suspension repair will also cost more because it will be harder to evacuate the old parts of the vehicle in order to repair or replace the suspension.


Labor costs vary based on the shop you visit. Some shops will charge you higher in labor and others will simply take longer to do the job so they can charge you more.

-Other Costs

When you are working on suspension repair, keep in mind that there might be other costs involved. You may need wheel alignment to go along with the repairs, which can cost extra. There might be other things that pop up when your suspension repair is being done.

What to Expect from Suspension Repair

If your vehicle needs suspension repair, there are a number of things you can expect from the process. Here are just a few:

-Service usually includes tire inspection

When the suspension is being repaired, the technician will also inspect the tires. If the tires show uneven wear, it is a good time to realign them in order to prevent future harm.

-Service includes shock absorbers inspection

Shock absorbers affect the comfort of your drive. When you work on suspension repair, you will get this inspection as well. If your suspension is shot, the shock absorbers might need work too.

If you suspect that your vehicle needs suspension repair in Sacramento, CA, call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815 and visit with us yourself before you make a service appointment.

Standard Auto Care Auto Repair Code of Ethics

When you need auto repair in Sacramento, you might put it off as long as possible. You’ve heard about friends and family members paying for repairs they don’t really need. And you’ve heard about things being fixed incorrectly and costing more later. Auto repair is never at the top of anyone’s list, but when it’s necessary, don’t put it off. Just find an auto repair shop you can trust. Standard Auto Care has a strong code of ethics that we uphold with every customer on a daily basis. Take a look at some of the things we promise to do for you and your vehicle.

-Honest Recommendations

At Standard Auto Care, we promise to recommend services and maintenance items that your vehicle really needs. We will not recommend something to you that your vehicle does not need. We will only tell you what needs to be done to correct problems or prevent items from going wrong in the future. In short, we will never deceive you about the service needs in your vehicle.

-Price Estimates Up Front

We understand that auto repair can be costly and we agree to give you the prices up front before you decide whether or not you want the repairs. We will never perform auto repair and then stick you with a bill you are not prepared to cover. You have the right to authorize every single thing we do on your vehicle before we start doing it.

-Information Uploading

We want to make sure each customer is informed about their appointments, repairs, and deadlines. If we give you a time your vehicle is going to be completed, we want to have it done at that time. If something comes up, we will keep you informed so you aren’t pacing while you wait for your car.

-Fix it Right

We want to make sure we fix your vehicle the first time. We employ certified technicians in a number of areas who specialize in a number of different vehicles. We do that so you get the right fix the first time around. We have a warranty on all of our parts and our labor, but we don’t ever want you to have to use it. We’ll fix it right. The first time!

Auto repair is never fun, but when you work with Standard Auto Care, at least you know what you are getting. Good repairs at a fair price without any deception. Call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime and visit us at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815.

Finding Quality BMW Repair

You don’t buy a BMW because you want average. You buy a BMW because you want that great feeling of quality. No matter how high quality your BMW may be, it’s still going to need repairs and maintenance from time to time. So where do you go to find quality BMW repair in Sacramento? Standard Auto Care! And there are many reasons why we should be your top choice. Here are just a few.

-Quality Experience

There are plenty of technicians in the Sacramento area with loads of experience, but how many of those have quality experience specifically with BMW vehicles? Standard Auto Care does! Our technicians are ASE certified, which means they are accepted by the industry to have the credentials necessary to work on vehicles. The certifications have to be renewed every 5 years so technicians are always up with the latest. You can trust that our technicians have the experience and expertise not only in the field but also on BMW vehicles.

-BMW Specific Experience

It’s great when technicians have ASE certification, but we go a step farther and have BMW Master Certified Technicians on hand to work on your vehicle. These technicians have to have at least 5 years of experience on BMW vehicles and they also operate within BMW approved environment. The BMW brand has approved of these individuals themselves.

-Eliminate Warranty Concerns

If your BMW is under warranty, you don’t necessarily have to go to a dealer for BMW service. As long as you use a certified auto shop, you will be covered by your warranty. We are a certified auto shop! The work has to be done right in order to uphold your warranty. If you get maintenance or BMW service done at a shop that isn’t authorized by BMW, your warranty could be invalid.

-Detailed Training

There are plenty of technicians in Sacramento that know vehicles in and out, but not all of them know the specific little details about the quality components that go into a BMW. It is important to work with a shop like Standard Auto Care in order to get the experience and training necessary to know the little details of your BMW vehicle.

Whether you need maintenance or BMW repair on your vehicle, you are making a wise decision when you call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your BMW. We’d be happy to have our BMW experts take a look at your vehicle and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we employ BMW experts and we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815. You can take a look around, inspect our certifications, and set up an appointment for us to check out your BMW.