5 Key Reasons Why Brake Repair is Vital when Living in Sacramento

How important are the brakes on your car or truck? If you have never really thought about it before, you may not realize just how important they are. In fact, braking ability of any vehicle is arguably the most important aspect of that vehicle, especially when you live in Sacramento or anywhere else in the United States. That is one of the reasons why brake repair is so important.

If you choose a brake repair specialist who isn’t experienced or doesn’t share the same belief that your brakes are so important, it could be putting yourself or anyone else in the car with you at risk. It can also be placing other people on the road at risk.

Consider this: you are driving down the road and are excited about your brand new vehicle. Maybe you bought a used car that had a lot of power. You thought that acceleration and the roar the engine was the best thing you had heard a long time and couldn’t wait to get the new title can get this car the road.

You did a quick look at the brakes and figured that there are good enough.

You begin driving and within a couple of weeks the brakes suddenly stopped working or you hear a loud metallic roan every time you step on the brakes. This could very well be that the pads are completely worn out and the backing is pressing against the rotor. This will not only cause you to lose braking power, it can lead to a very serious accident. You end up stepping on those brakes at a high rate of speed and realize that you are not going to stop in time before you hit the car in front of you.

That can be a sinking feeling for anybody, and that is why the brakes are most important component of your car. You can have the most powerful engine the world, but if you can’t stop in time, all that power will do you absolutely no good.

Let’s talk about five key reasons why brake repair is so important for your car in Sacramento.

  1. Brakes are the most important part of your car.

We just discussed how important it is and because it is that important, we want to reiterate this point. Even though we rarely ever see snow in Sacramento, consider a day when it snows. The snow begins to fall and you are at work. You get in your car that is four-wheel-drive and consider yourself to be safe. You know that you can accelerate and handle the snow well enough.

But like so many people who have four-wheel-drive vehicles and live in very snowy conditions, they assume that that four-wheel-drive gives them better control during snowstorms.

However, regardless of how well you can cut through a few inches of snow or more, how fast you can stop isn’t reliant on four-wheel-drive, engine power, or any other aspects other than the brakes. If the brakes are not working properly, it puts you and everyone else in your car or on the road at that time at risk.

  1. Brakes are too often taken for granted.

Since you can stop and you seem to stop in a reasonable amount of time, you assume that the brakes are working properly and that they don’t need any type of repair at this time. That is not always the case. Hopefully, your brakes have enough pads on them, that the fluid level is right, and that the master cylinder is functioning the way it should.

Newer cars will generally have a brake light indicator on the dashboard that will go on if the computer’s onboard diagnostic system detects a problem with the master cylinder.

Your brake pedal gets applied and puts pressure on the master cylinder. The master cylinder then pushes out hydraulic fluid through the brake lines that apply pressure on the calipers to the rotors. If you have ABS braking system on your car, then the master cylinder will have some kind of digital technology that could indicate a potential problem. Usually the ABS light on your dashboard will be separate from the brake light. However, don’t take anything for granted and have your brakes checked on a regular basis. You may assume that it’s working fine now, but that could change in just a few hundred miles if your pads are worn down and you don’t know it.

  1. The constant stop and go traffic puts more pressure on your brakes.

Living in Sacramento means that you are going to experience more stop and go traffic. As a result, it is going to wear your breaks down much quicker. If you don’t focus on break repair or on the condition of your brakes on a real basis, this could put you at risk, especially as you had more miles and more stops on your vehicle.

  1. Pads and rotors do wear down.

Every time you apply the brakes your brake pads as well is the rotors are getting worn down just a little bit more. Eventually, the pads will completely wear down and put you at risk if you don’t replace them in time. Most pads have a small indicator rod implanted in them that will emit a high-pitched squeal when you apply the brakes that will indicate that it is time to replace them.

  1. The brake light stays on.

That brake light indicator on the dashboard may stay on once you start your car. This could indicate that there is a problem within your braking system. Don’t ignore this light. It may simply be that one of the brake lights on the back of your vehicle is out, it can also be indicating that the pads are worn or that there is a problem within the master cylinder. If the master cylinder fails, you may lose all braking ability and then have to rely on the emergency brake to stop you.

If you don’t have your brakes repaired on a regular and consistent basis, you may end up finding that that emergency brake cable isn’t doing much to stop you and that can cause a serious accident.