A Quick Guide to Radiator Repair for Sacramento Residents

The radiator of your car is a very crucial component and if you neglect it, it can leave you stranded on the side of the road trying to call for help. If you have ever passed someone who is broken down and side of road and there’s steam or what appears like smoke emanating from under the hood, this is commonly associated with the radiator failing or the car just overheating.

There are many ways that people neglect the radiator system in their car. The most common is that they don’t check the coolant level and replace or flush the system on a consistent basis.

If there are no leaks in your coolant system, you may never even think about replacing the fluid. After all, why would you have to replace the coolant if it’s not leaking? The reason is that over time, like any other substance, coolant will break down and will be less effective at keeping the engine cool.

That is the purpose of the radiator. While most of us may think that a radiator is there to heat the interior of the vehicle, the heat that you experience from inside your car has absolutely nothing to do with the radiator or its job.

Just because homes have radiators in them to heat the rooms up, the radiator in your car is actually doing the exact opposite. Engines run incredibly hot. They run so hot that if they don’t get coolant, it can cause the metal to become pliable and can cause an incredible amount of damage as a result. An engine that is running extremely hot, such as being under an intense amount of pressure from high RPMs and speeds, and doesn’t get proper coolant, it can completely destroy the engine block and all of the components inside.

What happens is that the coolant moves through the engine to keep it cool. As the coolant goes through the engine, it absorbs the heat that is generated by that engine. The hot coolant then moves to the radiator where it is dispersed to help it cool down before it is moved back through the engine to once again collect the heat.

Not changing the coolant means that the older it gets, the less effective it is going to be at keeping that engine cool. Rocks from the road and many other issues can cause damage to the radiator and that can affect the coolant levels and its ability to keep the engine cool.

So now let’s talk about what happens with most drivers on the road today. They neglect the radiator and if you do this, you’re putting yourself at an increased risk of breaking down and being stranded on the side of the road. You also increase the risk of doing an incredible amount of damage to your engine.

We talked about the main purpose of the radiator, so now let’s talk about common ways that radiators get damaged. We discussed this briefly by talking about rocks from the road. Every time your wheel turns, it is pushing air around. If you drive over a small pebble that gets caught in the tread, it can get flung around. Even a car or truck in front of you on the highway could be bouncing rocks along the road. Most of these rocks and small pebbles you will never see or notice. However, occasionally one will strike your windshield and you’ll know it right away.

Others may hit the front of your car and, depending on whether you’re listening to the radio or not, you may never know it. Some of those rocks from your front tires or from other cars in front of you can hit underneath your engine and strike the radiator. If they strike the radiator with enough force and they are big enough, they can cause damage to the grill. If the radiator is damaged, it won’t be as effective at keeping your engine cool.

It can also be damaged by neglecting to change the coolant and flush the system at least once a year. This should be done at a certified auto repair facility because of the environmental impact that coolant can have.

Whether you are adding coolant or antifreeze, they are essentially doing the same thing. In Sacramento, we don’t have to worry about extremely cold temperatures very often, but it is advisable to use antifreeze during the winter months. You should speak to a qualified service repair technician to have him or her advise you on whether you should change the type of coolant or antifreeze you are using at this time.

In an emergency situation, if you are out driving and notice that the temperature gauge in your car is rising, it may be that there isn’t enough coolant in the car. If that is the case, adding water may help, but only for a few miles and only if you keep the engine RPMs as low as possible so that you can get to an auto repair facility safely.

How do you choose the right radiator repair specialist in Sacramento?

The most important thing with regard to radiator repair is that you get your radiator checked out on a consistent basis. Most of the time when you bring your car in for a general maintenance inspection, the mechanic or service technician will check the radiator and cool levels. He or she will also be able to determine if the coolant is old and needs to be replaced or if there are any issues with regard to damage to the radiator.

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