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Main Indicators of Alternator Problems

As you might imagine, it takes a lot of power to get and keep your car running smoothly. The alternator of your vehicle is a pivotal piece of the machine. Basically while you drive, the alternator recycles the power used by the car battery. Without it the power from the battery would not last very long. Also the climate control, stereo, GPS and a host of other systems heavily rely on the optimally running alternator. So, it is vital to avoid alternator failure. How? By paying attention to early warning signs and getting alternator repair as soon as possible. What is the Alternator? The configuration of the alternator is fairly simple, containing just a handful of parts. Basically it turns the mechanical energy of your car’s rotating crank shaft back into electricity. This powers your cars accessories—everything from the air conditioner to the headlights. This is why alternator failure has a domino effect, and can lead to more electrical problems resulting in a brea ... read more


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