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Why it’s Dangerous to Invest in Unreliable Sacramento Auto Repair

Have you ever felt cheated by a car mechanic? Lied to? Made to pay more money than you thought was fair? Most people have felt uncertain or taken advantage of by car repair experts at least once in their life. It’s an industry where trust is especially important because reliable expertise is hard to find. Sacramento drivers depend on their cars for safe transportation. But they depend on their mechanics for peace of mind. When a mechanic manipulates their customer, that all goes out the window. Here are the top five reasons that unreliable auto repair is such a bad thing: 1. Increased Risk Of Damages. If you don’t trust your mechanic, you are less likely to take your car to the repair shop for regular maintenance. Most car owners know that regular maintenance is the number one affordable way to avoid more significant damages to your car. Unfortunately, if you skip out on regular preventative maintenance check-ins, you are missing the opportunity for qualified experts to as ... read more

Important Tips for Auto Repair in Sacramento

Is your car or truck having problems, and you are worried about it breaking down? As the owner of the car, you will be the first person to notice if something goes wrong. If you ever suspect that there is an issue with your car, then it is important to take it in for auto repair in Sacramento. Here are a few tips to help with your auto repair schedule and servicing: Don’t Procrastinate Auto Repair Services Even though it might not seem convenient to take your car in for repair, it is essential that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you suspect that there is a problem with your car, then the best thing that you can do is talk with a mechanic right away. Many times, it is possible to prevent bigger issues by addressing the smaller problems right now. So, pay attention to the way your car drives and the sounds that are coming from the car, and contact an auto repair shop in Sacramento if you suspect any problems. Check the Owner&rsquo ... read more

Secrets on how to maximize your cars fuel economy

Secrets on how to maximize your cars fuel economy

I felt compelled to write this blog as gas prices are nearing $5.00 per gallon. But in truth what I’m going to share with you is in my opinion the second most important service you can perform on your car. Changing the oil frequently is number one. The most important thing you can do is also the simplest. KEEP YOUR FUEL INJECTORS, VALVES, and PISTONS CLEAN. First some technical mumbo jumbo about why this matters: 1. Fuel injectors spray gas into the engine to burn. Gas must be vaporized before it can burn. Liquid gas will not burn. The finer the mist being sprayed into the engine the easier it is to burn. As the fuel injectors start to become dirty they squirt gas out in streams. Much like a worn out pistol grip sprayer does. As a result the computer needs to spray more gas to get the same power. Your cars computer has the ability to measure how much gas is getting burned and will adjust for more if some of it does not get burned. The unburned fuel goes right ... read more

Don’t Miss Regular Maintenance and Auto Repair Appointments in Sacramento, CA

You have invested a lot of money into your car, which is why it is important that you are consistent with regular maintenance and auto repair. Are you keeping up with the standard checklist found in your owner’s manual? It might seem like a hassle to take your car in for an inspection or regular maintenance, but it’s worth the effort because of the long-term effects on your car. Why is Regular Maintenance Needed? Regular car maintenance is essential to make sure that all of the working parts on your car are functioning properly. These inspections and small repairs will give you the peace of mind to know that your car is in good condition, which means that you can avoid dangerous accidents that might be caused by a malfunction of the car. Some car owners don’t think about auto repair until something breaks down on the car and they are having problems. But, if you wait until something goes wrong, then it is likely that you will be dealing with bigger ... read more

The Best Sacramento Automotive Shop to Handle All Your Car’s Repairs

Standard Auto Care, located in Sacramento, California, is a reliable source when it comes to vehicle repair. When you find yourself in search for a Sacramento Auto Repair provider, you won’t have to look any further than Standard Auto Care. For things like repairs, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance, residents of Sacramento know that they can trust us with all of their auto repair needs. From transmission, to oil change, to a front end alignment, we are equipped to service all of your car’s needs, guaranteed. When you’re ready to schedule a service appointment, for whatever your car needs, a quick phone call is all it takes. If you find the internet more convenient, you can visit us online and fill out our appointment request form, but a direct phone call works, too. You may not need your car serviced today, but when the time comes that your car is in need of some sort of repair, or even regularly ... read more

Sacramento Auto Repair Tips for Vehicle Owners

There’s just no getting around the fact that many car owners would rather do almost anything than take their vehicle in for a servicing. All too often, consumers feel that they’re somehow not getting the best deal for their money when they look for Sacramento auto repair, and so they put off potential problems until they end up metastasizing into even more severe issues. The problem is that most of the major problems – and much of the cost –could be avoided if car owners approached the maintenance of their vehicle in a more insightful manner. The good news is that we have six tips that can help you better manage your vehicle and avoid many of those expensive repairs. 1. Every vehicle comes with a manual that contains a comprehensive maintenance schedule. Do you follow it? If you’re like most car owners, you try to adhere to it fairly closely in the first year or two after you buy your car, but then eventually start to just play things by ear. Well, that ... read more

Getting Your Engine Repaired in Sacramento, CA

It is every car owners’ worst nightmare. You are driving along, having a wonderful day, and you look down at your dashboard and see that the check engine light has come on. Oh, no! Something is wrong with your car and you have no idea what it is. One thing you do know is that you have to take it into the mechanics, pronto. Ignoring your check engine light and not getting repairs is asking for trouble, and major car damage. Here are some of the things that could be wrong with your car if the check engine light goes on: Failing oxygen sensors are a common problem when you see the check engine light. They accounted for 7.55 percent of repairs in 2013. When you are driving with them malfunctioning, your fuel is not being used correctly by the car and further damage will begin to occur. Bad spark plugs and wires are another common problem that could be happening when you see your check engine light turn on. Fixing this problem and getting new spark plugs is imperative as if this pro ... read more

The Importance of Checking Tire Pressure.

Tire wear – Gas mileage – Better handling Let’s take tire wear for example. If you keep the tire pressure at the manufactures recommended tire pressure. Which can either be found on the door jamb or for Europeans can be found at the gas cap lid..This can increase the amount of mileage you can receive from your tires. To much air will wear the inside tires more than the rest of the tires. To low of air pressure will wear the outsides of the tires more. For gas mileage. The tire pressure again should be at manufactures spec or slightly above. This will reduce the rolling resistance that the tires make while rolling down the road. Lower air pressure for example makes it harder for the car to roll. Better handling is another example of the importance of tire pressure. To low of air pressure can cause the car to lean way to much in turns causing bad handling and possible loss of control. Too much air will cause wondering and to loose of steering. We a ... read more

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