5 Reasons for Finding Quality Auto Repair for Your BMW in Sacramento

Owning a BMW can be a great feeling. Of course, no matter how remarkable your BMW is, it is still going to need auto repair service from time to time. The quality of service you receive on your car will have a direct impact on the condition, functionality and longevity of your BMW over time.

BMW Auto Repair Sacramento, CA

So, how do you choose the right service facility for your BMW? Here are a few ideas for finding the best auto repair shop possible.

  • Quality matters .Quality comes from experience and technical training when it comes to auto repair and service. That is why you should ensure your chosen technician is ASE certified. Getting ASE certification is the industry-accepted method of credentialing mechanics and auto service technicians. There are 8 different certifications offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence in areas like brakes, electronic systems, engine repair, engine performance, suspension and steering. In order to earn a certification, requirements include a couple years of work experience or a combination of formal training and work experience; the final step entails passing an exam. A technician who becomes certified in all 8 areas can gain the Master Status designation from the ASE. Earning ASE certification shows prospective employers a candidate’s skill level, experience and expertise in the field. According to the BLS, some employers may require ASE certification for employment. ASE certifications must be renewed every 5 years and requires successfully passing an exam.
  • Ensure your technician has BMW specific training. When searching for the right repair shop for your BMW, you will want to bring your car to a mechanic that has BMW specific training and access to specialized BMW diagnostic computers, tools, and parts. A BMW Master Certified Technician has a minimum of five years of experience working on BMW vehicles in a BMW approved environment.
  • Warranty concerns. If your BMW is covered by warranty, you do not have to go to a BMW dealer for service or repairs. Legally, you are allowed to have any certified auto shop service your vehicle for issues not covered by your warranty. This work must be done correctly without impacting the validity of your warranty. This is part of a federal statute enacted in 1975 called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. It states, “No warrantor may condition the continued validity of a warranty on the use of only authorized repair service and/or authorized replacement parts for non-warranty service and maintenance.”  This means you can get maintenance and service not covered under your warranty (such as oil changes, etc.) done at an independent shop without impacting your warranty.
  • As we noted, more experienced mechanics will have specific knowledge about the cars they work on. This would include BMWs. Because of all of the details and quality components that go into a BMW, make sure the mechanic(s) working on it have the type of experience and training needed to work on your vehicle.

Once you are comfortable with the auto repair service technician you want to work on your BMW, it will help set your mind at ease and provide you with a sense of comfort. Living in Sacramento you can call or visit Standard Auto Care. Our experienced technicians would be delighted to meet you. Our friendly staff is available to show you our facility and answer your questions. We can provide the expert care your BMW needs.

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