The alternator on your car is responsible for not only charging the battery, but also running all of the electrical components once the engine is started. When something is wrong with the alternator, whether the belt is too lose, broken, or the alternator itself has failed, it can cause the car to rely on the battery to run spark plugs, radio, and other component systems until that bit battery no longer has any life left in it.

Any time there is an issue with the alternator, it requires repair. If you live in the greater Sacramento area, you want to make sure that you choose the best repair facility to take care of it.

Below are four things that you should do or that relate to alternator repair. If you have an issue with the alternator, depending on the type of vehicle you have, you might not realize it until the battery has died.

If the battery dies and the alternator is bad, you won’t be able to start the car or keep it running, even if you jumpstart it with another vehicle. If you have another vehicle using jumper cables to start your car, it will run until you disconnect those jumper cables. Because the alternator will not be charging the battery or taking over once the engine starts, the moment that you disconnect the jumper cables, your car will once again die.

  1. Common signs that the alternator needs repair.

One of the most common signs that will indicate that your alternator needs repair is that the car continues to die on you, and you have to keep jumpstarting it. For many drivers on the road, if they have a good, working battery that has a lot of power in life, they might not notice it for some time. They could drive around for hours and maybe even days with a bad alternator, especially if they don’t drive at night and have to use headlights.

However, eventually the battery will get weaker, the headlights will dim even while you are driving, and eventually the car won’t start.

As we noted, if you jumpstart the car and it dies again as soon as you disconnect the jumper cables, it means that the alternator is not taking the electrical current and working properly.

  1. What happens when you ignore potential warning signs?

While there are some potential warning signs of a problem with your alternator, including the check engine light that may be on, there are major problems because the car will rely on the battery in the event that the alternator is not functioning properly.

That means if the check engine light illuminates, it is important to bring it to an auto repair service center as soon as possible to have that alternator checked out and repaired, if necessary.

If you ignore these warning signs, it could leave you stranded on the side of the road. If the battery completely dies while you are driving, your engine will shut down. Imagine you are on the highway cruising at 65 miles an hour or even faster, maybe in the left lane, and the battery dies in the alternator is dead. The car will stop, you will lose power steering, you will lose power braking, and you could put yourself and other people on the road in a dangerous situation. If you aren’t in a lane that doesn’t have a breakdown lane, you could get rear ended or cause a serious accident.

  1. Can you drive your car with a bad alternator?

As we already explained, it is possible to continue driving your car even though you need alternator repair work done. That’s because if the battery is strong enough it is going to have enough power to run the entire engine. The more components that you use, the more it is going to wear down the battery. For the engine, once it is turning, it is going to need the battery for the spark plugs and a few other component systems. The force of the engine will take care of the rest. Power steering and braking rely on other power sources. The headlights, radio, heating system and blower, and other systems will use battery power. So, depending on how powerful the battery is, how well it holds its charge, and other factors, you could end up driving that car for quite some time with the dead or malfunctioning alternator.

  1. How do you choose the best alternator repair specialist in Sacramento?

Alternators are relatively simple to replace. Most service centers will replace the alternator rather than even attempt to repair them. Most of the time you will be supplied with a remanufactured alternator, which essentially means that the alternator was used but taken apart and completely repaired. Most of these remanufactured parts are high quality and will come with certain warranties.

There isn’t very much to an alternator, aside from coils and a few moving parts. That being said, it is still essential that you choose the right facility to repair your car.

You can find the best alternator repair facility by choosing an experienced, ASE certified mechanic or shop that is accommodating to your schedule and needs, pays attention to customer support and service, and has a high quality reputation.

If that sounds like the ideal alternator repair shop for you, contact Standard Auto Care today.

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