Five Symptoms of Necessary Suspension Repair

Your car’s suspension system is a complicated web of cooperating mechanisms and components specifically constructed to give you an even, stable and smooth ride when you’re driving. Since your suspension receives the brunt of the driving damage, you’ll see worn out or broken suspension parts a lot. If your car doesn’t ride the way it used to, you might need suspension repair.

As stated above, suspension systems are complicated and made up of a lot of varying parts, so it can be hard to diagnose a suspension problem that requires repair. However, if you break it down by symptom, it can be a much simpler task.

Use the below list of five symptoms of necessary suspension repair to help you diagnose your car, and find the right suspension repair solution.

  • Pulling To One Side — If your car pulls to one side when you’re driving, you need suspension repair.
  • Wiggling or Floppy Wheels —Your car needs suspension repair if your wheels shimmy, wiggle or wobble back and forth when you’re driving.
  • Too Much Bouncing – A definite symptom of necessary suspension repair is when your car dives, bounces, or dips way too much on uneven or bumpy roads. Your car might also continue to bounce or wobble long after you pass the bump.
  • Slipping Steering –If your wheel slips or moves slightly when you’re turning it, or even just holding it, you need suspension repair.
  • Hard to Steer – If your wheel is hard to turn, especially when you’re moving at a slow speed, you need suspension repair.

Causes of Suspension Issues

Common causes of the above symptoms are:

  • Uneven or low tire pressure
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Poor alignment
  • Broken or misaligned steering components
  • Sticking brake caliper
  • Worn shocks or struts
  • Broken or slipped leaf spring
  • Low power steering fluid.
  • Loose or worn power steering belt
  • Bad power steering pump
  • Loose or worn power steering belt –
  • Bad power steering pump –
  • Leaking power steering rack

Basic Suspension Repairs

If your car is showing any of the above five symptoms from any of the listed causes, it needs suspension repair. Always take your car to a professional for suspension repair, as your car’s suspension is a delicate system that requires experience and care. An auto care professional may repair your suspension in any of the following ways:

  • Replace or tighten steering belt
  • Check and replace power steering pump
  • Replace or repair steering rack
  • Adjust wheel alignment
  • Inspect and adjust tie rods
  • Replace tires in pairs
  • Repair or replace leaf springs
  • Add power steering fluid
  • Repair or replace steering rack mounts
  • Replace shocks or struts
  • Balance wheels

Suspension Repair in Sacramento

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