High-Quality Transmission Repair in Sacramento

Is it time to have your transmission serviced? Whether your transmission needs regular maintenance or it is in need of repairs, it is important that you contact an experienced auto repair shop. Transmission problems can be challenging, especially because certain types of transmission problems can cause your car to stop moving altogether.

Here at Standard Auto Care, we specialize in all types of auto repair and maintenance. Transmission repair is one of our specialties. We can inspect your car to see if it needs transmission servicing. Bring your vehicle by anytime and we will make sure your transmission is in good condition.

Signs that it’s Time for Transmission Repair

Have you noticed any signs that your car might need to be repaired? Pay attention to the way the vehicle drives, because often there are small indications that something might be wrong.

Since you drive your car on a regular basis, you are the best person to identify potential problems in the early stages. Do you notice that the car doesn’t seem to be driving right or if there are problems with the way it is running? Listen to the sound of the engine and the noises that happen when the car shifts from one gear to the next.

Another sign of transmission problems is if the car is leaking transmission fluid. Look at the cement under your car after it has been parked for a while. Do you see any fluids that are leaking onto the ground? You might consider placing a pie tin under the transmission to see if the fluid is leaking. Transmission fluid is typically red, but it can also be green.

If anything seems unusual, it is essential to take the car in for an inspection right away. It is always a good idea to play it on the safe side and take care of the problem before you find yourself broken down on the side of the freeway.

Don’t Delay Auto Services

If you think that something might be wrong with your car, you should contact a mechanic as soon as possible. Delaying services can lead to bigger problems later on that might result in expensive repair bills. Anytime you think that something might be wrong with your car, call a mechanic right away.

Regular maintenance and servicing can help you to avoid expensive car repair bills. For example, you might consider a transmission flush to keep your transmission clean and to function. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to know when the transmission should be flushed.

Call Standard Auto Care Right Away

Do you need a reliable transmission repair service in SacramentoContact Standard Auto Care anytime! We are located in Sacramento, and our experienced team is always available to help with all things automotive. We offer transmission repair, as well as a variety of other mechanic repair services for many makes and models.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality service that we offer to every customer. We always stand behind our work. We work hard to provide the best auto repair service in the area. For more information about repairs and maintenance for your car, call us today: (916) 924-8040

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