The moment that you realize you need a mechanic for your vehicle, and you live in Sacramento, you may be wondering how you could possibly find one who is not only qualified to work on your vehicle, but is also honest and liable.

Throughout many years, people were taken advantage of by numerous shady operations. Local and state government agencies set forth regulations that helped to stem these problems, but that doesn’t mean that every mechanic you find in the Yellow Pages or through an online search are going to be reliable and experienced enough to work on your vehicle.

It is crucial that you do your own homework, your own due diligence, to make sure that you end up choosing not just the right mechanic, but the best one in Sacramento.

The first thing you’ll notice when you begin searching for a mechanic is that there are literally dozens upon dozens of repair facilities and hundreds, even thousands of mechanics who may be able to work on your car. That can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming. The first thing you should do is focus on ASE certified mechanics over any other type of service technician.

Aside from that, follow the five steps listed below and you should be able to find a mechanic that you not only feel comfortable with, but that you will know is going to work on your car and do the best job, keeping you safe and keeping that vehicle running for many hundreds of thousands of miles, if that’s something you want.

  1. Look at the experience.

Experience is one of the most important assets for anyone, regardless of their profession. The more experience that a person has, generally this means that they will be able to do a much better job than somebody who has just started working on vehicles or has no actual experience working on a particular model or brand.

You can liken this to visiting a doctor for your health. You may be concerned about your heart health and decide to visit a heart specialist. You end up being referred to a doctor who is just out of medical school and completed their internship. Will this make you comfortable with their level experience or would you prefer somebody who had been practicing medicine as specializing in heart care for more than 10 or 15 years?

Most people would prefer the doctor who had experience. Sure, you might be able to save a little bit of money by choosing the brand new Doctor, but then you are putting your health at risk. The same holds true for your car.

You can certainly choose a less experienced mechanic who may be willing to charge less, but they are certainly going to make mistakes more frequently than somebody with more experience and do you really want to put yourself or your family at risk because of those mistakes?

  1. Location.

The location of the mechanic should be ideal for you, whether it is closer to your home or to your work location.

If you choose a mechanic who is located 30 minutes or more away from either your job or your home, you will be less inclined to bring it in when there may be minor issues going on with it.

If the mechanic lives closer to you or where you work, if your check engine light comes on or you notice of peculiar sound coming from your engine, you may be much more willing to pull in on your way to work or your way home to have him or her look at it quickly. This will encourage you to take better care of your vehicle through the years.

  1. Accommodations they make for you.

The mechanic may have a busy schedule, but the better ones will be willing to make accommodations for your schedule or to help you get home. Some will offer rides for their customers back home or to their place of business. They may even offer loaner cars for free or for a reduced rate.

Accommodations can make a big difference when you are a busy individual.

  1. Their willingness to explain the work to you.

If a mechanic seems bothered because you want to know what he or she is going to be doing to your vehicle, they are not really willing to sit down and talk about what is wrong with your car. They may tell you what needs be replaced, but you made want to know the details, why it is important, and whether it can wait.

While you don’t want to spend too much of their valuable time asking on important questions, they should still be willing to sit down and talk to you about the various issues that are going on with your vehicle.

  1. Reputation.

Today, thanks to the Internet you can find out a lot about a person’s reputation, especially businesses.

You can learn about many different mechanics and auto repair facilities throughout the Sacramento area. As long as you know where to look, which directories to use, or which search engines will put you in touch with various online review sites, you should be able to gather some information about a specific mechanic or facility.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any complaints lodged against the facility or the mechanic and, if so, what they did to address them and if they are still outstanding.

You can also ask family and friends and even neighbors who they have used in the past. You should always also ask if they recommend that specific mechanic or they have no impression one way or another.

If you want the best mechanic in Sacramentocontact Standard Auto Care today and you will discover that there really is a difference when you choose the right mechanic over the convenient or cheap one.

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