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4 Tips for Transmission Repair in Sacramento, CA

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the transmission, and without a good transmission your car will have a lot of problems. If you want to extend the life of your car and avoid expensive car repair costs, then you need to talk with an experienced transmission repair team for regular maintenance.

Here at Standard Auto Care, we are experts in all types of car repair, and we offer high quality transmission servicing for your car or truck. If you are looking for transmission repair in Sacramento, CA then you have come to the right place! Our goal is to keep your car in good condition, and these are some of the tips that we suggest to ensure that your transmission is maintained:

1. Regular Transmission Inspections

Periodic transmission checks are a great way to maintain your car, because these inspections will identify problems before they get worse. When you take your car in for regular maintenance, we can perform basic preventive tasks to help you avoid bigger problems in the future. Our experienced team will look for signs of transmission problems, such as leaks. As a result, we can repair that leak in the early stages before you need a whole new transmission!

2. Check Fluid Levels

It is important to regularly check the levels of your transmission fluid, especially if your car has a leak. You need to look at the fluid levels, as well as the quality of the transmission fluid. For example, the fluid might need to be changed if it smells like it has been burned or if it is dirty. For manual transmission cars, you will need to have a car repair expert help with checking the transmission fluid.

3. Don’t Overfill the Fluid

Always follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual when making adjustments to the transmission fluid. For example, it can cause problems if you overfill the transmission fluid, so you need to be cautious about how much fluid you add to the car. If you don’t know much about car repairs, then it is usually best to have a professional transmission repair shop handle it for you.

4. Flush the Transmission

Occasionally, the transmission needs to be flushed to be sure it is in good working order. It has been said that 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating, and these problems can be avoided by replacing worn out transmission fluid. Check your owner’s manual to see the frequency when the transmission fluid should be changed. For most vehicles, the recommendation is every 30,000 miles.

Is it time for transmission repair or inspection for your car? Contact us at Standard Auto for more information about the options that are available. We are experts in transmission repair and we can help with all types of vehicles. If you are searching for a reliable transmission repair shop in Sacramento, CA, then we invite you contact us. Our goal is to offer excellent car repair services to help you maintain your car and avoid bigger problems in the future. Call us today for more information about the car repair services that are available: (916) 924-8040


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