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5 Important Tips to Remember Auto Maintenance

If you’re like most Sacramento drivers, the last thing you want on your hands is a costly vehicle repair. When you’re without a car, it puts a hold on family, work and other responsibilities, not to mention the extra hassle of making replacement travel arrangements. Unfortunately, you can reduce the chances of needing auto repair by simply staying on top of your auto maintenance. While auto maintenance seems like a simple routine on paper, the majority of drivers tend to forget about it until serious damage happens to their vehicles. Here are 5 simple, but important tips to stay on top of your auto maintenance routine.


Tip #1 Consult Your Owner’s Manual

While it may seem dull to get into that thick owner’s manual that came with your car, it’s a vital part of staying on top of the required auto maintenance. Your owner’s manual will let you know exactly how often your vehicle needs to be serviced and the specific type of oil, coolant, etc. your vehicle requires. While you don’t need to read the manual cover to cover, try to at least glance over the auto maintenance section.


Tip #2 Set Reminders on Your Phone

Use your phone or other device to set calendar reminders of when it’s time to go in for any type of auto maintenance. It also helps to make a follow up appointment with your car technician as soon as you finish any type of auto maintenance. You’ll be more likely to follow through on an appointment that’s already been made.


Tip #3 Keep a Car Log

You should always have a car log where you take note of any auto maintenance Sacramento, CA that occurs. Not only will this be a helpful remember of any upcoming maintenance checks, but it will also help your auto technician assess any major problems that arise by quickly reviewing the auto log. In addition to using your log for your own purposes, it’s a wonderful asset in case you choose to sell the car and need to assure a buyer that the vehicle is in top condition.


Tip #4 Practice Using Your Senses

If you get in the habit of listening, smelling and feeling your vehicle every time you use it, you’ll quickly notice when your vehicle is in need of auto maintenance. Don’t ignore any signs your vehicle sends you and when in doubt, always have it checked out by a professional so you can drive with peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel.


Whether you are in need of a major repair or routine auto maintenance, at Standard Auto we treat every job with the same amount of craftsmanship and quality customer service. Our highly trained auto technicians will treat you like family and will walk you through every step, never doing any extra work without your permission. To schedule auto maintenance for your vehicle, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815.



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