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Choosing a Qualified Mechanic for BMW Repair in Sacramento, CA

German-made vehicles are dependable, elegant, and fun to drive. It’s easy to understand why many of us choose to own a BMW vehicle. However, even if you take excellent care of the car, eventually it will be necessary to have repairs and maintenance. If you need BMW repair in Sacramento, CA, it is important to find a qualified mechanic to help.


BMW history dates back to the early 1900’s in Germany. Over the years, there have been various car and engine manufacturing companies that were acquired or merged to form what we now know as BMW. Officially, BMW became an automobile manufacturer in 1929, with the production of sports cars starting in 1936.

Up until World War II, the company produced a variety of products, including cars, aircraft engines, and motorcycles. During the Second World War, the company’s focus was turned to aircraft engines as well as some motorcycle manufacturing. Their car manufacturing work didn’t start up again until 1948, after the war.

Benefits of Driving a BMW

Not only is a BMW a status symbol, but it is also a high-quality car. These vehicles are reliable, durable, and provide an excellent experience on the road. If you want a high-powered, speedy vehicle, you should consider owning and driving a BMW.

There is no denying that the BMW symbol on the car sets a certain first impression when you meet people on the street. German-made machinery has an excellent reputation, giving you the durability that everyone wants in a car.

BMW Repair

When it is time to have your BMW repaired or serviced, keep in mind that you can’t take the vehicle to just any mechanic. It is very important to find a local mechanic that has experience and certifications specific to the BMW brand. These cars are manufactured differently than vehicles made in Asia or the USA. A BMW certified mechanic will have access to the necessary parts as well as the education and experience to know the best repair techniques.

You should take your car in for a checkup when you reach certain milestones for oil changes, tire rotations, transmission service, and timing belt replacements. Check your owner’s manual for more information about when these and other maintenance services need to be performed.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the way the car is driving. Have you noticed unusual sounds or the car is handling differently? These small nuances could be signs that maintenance or repair work is necessary. The best thing you can do is schedule a time for a mechanic to inspect the car and identify any issues that should be addressed.

Here at Standard Auto Care, we offer the experience you need for BMW repair and maintenance. Come to our shop anytime your car needs an inspection or repair work: 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815. Calling ahead will give us the opportunity to schedule a time for your repair work so we can decrease the amount of time the car is in the shop. Contact us today: 916-924-8040 or [email protected]/standardautocare.


BMW Auto Repair
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