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Common Nissan Repair Problems in Sacramento That Turn On the Check Engine Light

Nothing can be more aggravating than seeing the check engine light come on when your Nissan seems to be running just fine. While it could be a small repair problem or even just a slight glitch, it is never a good idea to ignore this light even for a day. You should get your car into an Sacramento Nissan repair shop right away. Here are a few common repair problems that will turn the check engine light on, and why they are important.

Your car’s spark plugs can be miss firing. While spark plus are a small part in a car, they do a very vital job. They help the car go forward by igniting the compressed fuel in an internal combustion engine. So without them, the car does not go. But, worse things can happen if they are misfiring. Because the spark plugs are not in sync with the rest of the engine, your engine will not have as much power and it will not burn its fuel efficiently. At worse, it can damage your catalytic converter.

The check engine light will single when there is an issue with the mass air flow sensor. This sensor does just want it says, it measures the air flow into the engine which determines how much fuel the engine needs. When it is not working properly, the fuel is not going into the engine properly. This will lead to surges when the car is accelerating or it can result in a loss of power to the car.

The most inexpensive problem a car can have when the check engine light goes on is the gas cap. If it is loose or missing, the light will go on. If you forgot to tighten it, do so. Otherwise, you’ll need a new cap of your gas will evaporate.

Another common Nissan repair problem is a faulty oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor tells the car how much fuel is in the tank and it measures the amount of oxygen that has not burned in the exhaust. A car that is running with a broken oxygen sensor will not be using the gas efficiently and the gas mileage will drop.

Sometimes the light will go off because of loose or frayed wires. Take a look under the hood looking for wires that may be chewed up, especially if you think there may be mice in your garage. If so, have your mechanic replace them or take a second look.

A broken catalytic converter is one of the most expensive repair jobs that can be signaled with the check engine light. But the good news is, catalytic converters generally won’t fail unless a related part, such as a spark plug, malfunctions. Therefore, if you are keeping up with your car’s maintenance, this isn’t going to be your problem.

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