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Cost of Suspension Repair in Sacramento

If your vehicle shakes or plunges when you go over bumps or you notice a strange feel when you go around corners, even if you are not going very fast, you might have to have suspension repair. The minute you start to notice something off, you may begin to wonder the age-old question. How much will suspension repair cost in Sacramento? The costs rely on a number of different variables. Those include items like:

-Vehicle Style

Some vehicle makes, models and years cost more in the suspension repair areas than others. The framework plays a big role in those costs and that is different on different vehicles. A luxury automobile will cost more for suspension repair than a standard vehicle, for example.

-The Damage

How damaged the suspension is will also help determine the cost. If the suspension has had issues for a while and you have ignored it, it might cost more for suspension repair than if you noticed it right away and went in for repairs immediately. If there is a lot of rust under the vehicle, suspension repair will also cost more because it will be harder to evacuate the old parts of the vehicle in order to repair or replace the suspension.


Labor costs vary based on the shop you visit. Some shops will charge you higher in labor and others will simply take longer to do the job so they can charge you more.

-Other Costs

When you are working on suspension repair, keep in mind that there might be other costs involved. You may need wheel alignment to go along with the repairs, which can cost extra. There might be other things that pop up when your suspension repair is being done.

What to Expect from Suspension Repair

If your vehicle needs suspension repair, there are a number of things you can expect from the process. Here are just a few:

-Service usually includes tire inspection

When the suspension is being repaired, the technician will also inspect the tires. If the tires show uneven wear, it is a good time to realign them in order to prevent future harm.

-Service includes shock absorbers inspection

. Shock absorbers affect the comfort of your drive. When you work on suspension repair, you will get this inspection as well. If your suspension is shot, the shock absorbers might need work too.

If you suspect that your vehicle needs suspension repair in Sacramento, CA, call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815 and visit with us yourself before you make a service appointment.


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