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Do Dealerships Provide the Best Sacramento Auto Service Maintenance?

Most car owners understand that at some point or another in time, their vehicle is going to need some type of servicing. After all, nothing is made to last forever, right? For owners of new and used cars, the choice of where to get that service done can often be a confusing one. Many people simply assume that the dealership where they bought their vehicle is always the best option. When you need consistently sound Sacramento auto service maintenance, however, that may just not be the case.

The fact is that your experience at any dealership can vary, depending on a variety of actors. For many car owners, however, one thing often remains consistently true: many dealerships routinely promote maintenance beyond what the manufacturer’s recommendations suggest. How does this happen, you ask? Well, it’s simple:

Let’s say you’re coming in for some sort of regular maintenance. It could be an oil change, or maybe you just want to have the brakes checked. So you tell the service department greeter what you’re looking to have done, and he just writes down your request, leads you to a waiting room and lets his team of technicians get to work…right?

Well, not exactly. In many cases, after checking the mileage on your vehicle, that greeter will consult his dealership service maintenance recommendations and come up with an entire list of additional services that the dealer recommends for your vehicle. Here’s where it can get tricky if you’re taken unawares:

In many instances, the vehicle owner simply accepts the recommendations, allows them to do the extra work, and ends up with a bill that is several hundred dollars or more higher than he expected when he drove onto the lot. Why? Because most people who buy cars at dealerships instinctively accept that the people who work there are experts at what they do.

And they are. The problem is that they are also more aggressive about maintenance than even the vehicle manufacturers. That often leads them to recommend service well ahead of the manual’s schedule – a practice that can cause you to spend money on service details that could have been left for a later date.

So what are you to do? Well, you can continue to just rely on your dealership and trust that they are not over-maintaining the vehicle. Or you could seek out a competent service shop in the area that is every bit as capable of quality service as even the best dealerships.

Standard Auto Care, one of the best auto repair shops in Sacramento, has been providing car owners just like you the competent, high-quality service everyone should be able to expect for more than eighteen years. They’re family-owned, and treat each of their customers like family too. More important, though, is the fact that they won’t just base their recommendations on some dealer-approved schedule. Instead, they’ll evaluate your vehicle, walk you through the need for any particular repairs, and even discuss your manufacturer recommendations so that you know what is needed. If that sounds like a better option than being sold repairs your vehicle may not yet even need, then give Standard a call today at 916-924-8040. Your car and your wallet will be glad you did!


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