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Expensive Repair Mistakes Toyota Drivers Make in Sacramento

When you drive a Toyota, you know that you’ve got a great car that will run for miles and miles – that is where most drivers get into trouble. Because a car runs well does not mean that you do not have to do general repair and maintenance on it. As a matter of fact, it is all the more reason to do the work that is suggested in the owner’s manual or by your mechanic. If you don’t your car will not run as well as it should, or it could stop running altogether. You could go from having a small car repair bill to having a very expensive car repair bill. Here is a list of expensive car repair mistakes Toyota drivers make in Sacramento.

Change the oil and oil filters on a regular schedule. This is the most common mistakes drivers make and it can be the most costly. Neglecting to get your car into the auto shop for this task can kill your entire engine. The oil and filters keep the engine running smoothly. Not cleaning them will allow contaminants to get into the engine and clog it up, making its life shorter or breaking it completely. When you do this chore regularly, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Changing brake pads when the need arises. Check your Toyota manual and it will tell you when it is time to change your brake pads. This is another important job that will cost more money if left undone. When the brake pads wear down to nothing, then you are grinding the rotor, which will cost at least another $200 to replace.

Clear communication with your auto mechanic is key to getting your car repair done qui8ckly and efficiently. The longer your service guy has to take to figure out what the problem is, the more you will pay for the labor costs. You can get a jump on that by taking notes of the noise or smells you have when the car starts having problems. Jot down when it happens, like is it a squeal when you press the brakes or just a burnt smell when you start the car. Writing this down and bringing it with you to convey to the service mechanic will save them time and you money.

Thinking that only a Toyota dealership can take care of your car repairs is a very expensive mistake that many drivers make. Dealers service cars they sell using expensive parts with expensive labor costs. Plus, they don’t have the time for emergency repairs, so your car will sit for a few days until they can get to it. This is not what happens at the auto repair service station. Your Toyota repair will get the certified attention it needs at a much lower cost.

Don’t think twice. Get your car repaired when it is needed and you will never have to pay the high cost of making one of these car repair mistakes. If you’re looking for a reliable Toyota auto repair shop in Sacramento, call for an appointment with Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040.

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