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Find an Auto Mechanic You Trust for Sacramento Ford Repair

When a car owner is looking for someone less expensive and more convenient than an auto dealer to service their car, they start looking at independent auto shops. But, many get scared away, not knowing how to find an independent auto shop that they can trust to give them the service they desire and have the know how to do the repairs needed to their car. To these car owners, the dream is to find someone who has the right fit, who will keep their cars best interest in mind without charging them too much. It really is all about trust. Here are a few tips on what an auto shop you can trust looks like:

Look for those who have had services done in the auto shop that is in your local Sacramento area. Look for reviews online, ask relative and neighbors what their experiences have been. While you do not have to rely only on another person’s opinion, it is always good to check them out. Also, read what customers have to say on the auto shop’s website.

Make an appointment for a small preventative job like an oil and filter change at the auto shop you are checking out. Ask about their certifications, prices and general availability. If you like the services and prices offered, continue to work with them.

While auto shops aren’t the cleanliest places on the face of the earth, one that is disorganized and in disarray is not a good sign. You don’t want your warranty lost in a pile of papers when you need it. Look for a clean area at the auto shop where they choose to do customer business. When you find that, you can trust those running it.

Does the auto shop have 24-hour drop off? Do they call you before they do any extra work? Did they get your test job done in a timely manner? Getting a ‘yes’ to all of these questions means you have found a shop you can begin to start putting your trust in.

You know you have a trustworthy mechanic when they are willing to explain and show you the problem with your car – not just expect you to cough up the money for the repair. They will show the parts that need replaced and even go the extra mile to show you why the costs are what they are.

Take a look at the type of warranties given by the auto shop for the work they do, not just the parts they put in. When a company is willing to stand behind the work they do by offering free services if that work does not met the expectations, you can’t do much better. This is especially true since labor is a costly expense when you are getting your car repaired.

Looking for an auto mechanic that you can trust may seem like it can end up being a life-long task. But you can get the Sacramento Ford repairs you need on your car without the hassle of untrustworthy dealers by giving the certified mechanics at Standard Auto Care a call at 916-924-8040 for an appointment.


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