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Finding Quality BMW Repair

You don’t buy a BMW because you want average. You buy a BMW because you want that great feeling of quality. No matter how high quality your BMW may be, it’s still going to need repairs and maintenance from time to time. So where do you go to find quality BMW repair in Sacramento? Standard Auto Care! And there are many reasons why we should be your top choice. Here are just a few.

-Quality Experience

 There are plenty of technicians in the Sacramento area with loads of experience, but how many of those have quality experience specifically with BMW vehicles? Standard Auto Care does! Our technicians are ASE certified, which means they are accepted by the industry to have the credentials necessary to work on vehicles. The certifications have to be renewed every 5 years so technicians are always up with the latest. You can trust that our technicians have the experience and expertise not only in the field but also on BMW vehicles.

-BMW Specific Experience

It’s great when technicians have ASE certification, but we go a step farther and have BMW Master Certified Technicians on hand to work on your vehicle. These technicians have to have at least 5 years of experience on BMW vehicles and they also operate within BMW approved environment. The BMW brand has approved of these individuals themselves.

-Eliminate Warranty Concerns

If your BMW is under warranty, you don’t necessarily have to go to a dealer for BMW service. As long as you use a certified auto shop, you will be covered by your warranty. We are a certified auto shop! The work has to be done right in order to uphold your warranty. If you get maintenance or BMW service done at a shop that isn’t authorized by BMW, your warranty could be invalid.

-Detailed Training

There are plenty of technicians in Sacramento that know vehicles in and out, but not all of them know the specific little details about the quality components that go into a BMW. It is important to work with a shop like Standard Auto Care in order to get the experience and training necessary to know the little details of your BMW vehicle.

Whether you need maintenance or BMW repair on your vehicle, you are making a wise decision when you call Standard Auto Care at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your BMW. We’d be happy to have our BMW experts take a look at your vehicle and let you know what we recommend. We promise never to sell you anything you don’t need or to pressure you into any repairs. We deal with vehicles of all kinds on a regular basis, but we employ BMW experts and we hold honesty in the highest regards. As a locally owned business, you can also stop by our shop anytime at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815. You can take a look around, inspect our certifications, and set up an appointment for us to check out your BMW.


BMW Auto Repair
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