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Finding The Right Auto Repair Shop For You

If you live in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas, you know there are a lot of auto repair centers and mechanic shops from which to choose. Everyone needs their vehicle serviced from time to time. And, hopefully less often, everyone needs repairs. If you are new to the area or are recently looking for a repair shop to call, choosing wisely can be daunting! How do we—as car and truck owners –choose the right repair shop for our vehicles?

At Standard Auto Care, we want to help guide you in choosing a trusted auto repair shop in Sacramento, Ca, for your vehicle, whether you choose us or not. This quick guide should have you feeling confident in finding the right place for your vehicle in no time.

1. Certification

Wherever you go and no matter what type of vehicle you own, your repairs should be completed by a certified mechanic/technician. Look for ASE accreditation.

2. Price

Price alone should not determine where you go. An expensive shop does not necessarily mean higher-quality services and a cheap shop could indicate poor standards.

3. Reviews

The digital age is good for us in this way: information is at our fingertips. Look online! Check reviews and testimonials.

4. Reputation

Your neighbors can often be your best resource for the right places to go. Ask your neighbor, your doctor, your coworkers and family members—who do they bring their vehicles to for regular maintenance and major repairs? Ask for specific examples and their overall take on the quality of care.

5. Warranty

Whenever possible, bring your automobile to a shop with a lifetime warranty on parts and This will protect you in the event something goes wrong, which will save you money.

6. Transparency

All repairs and recommendations should be thoughtfully explained in language you can understand without pressure.

7. Estimates

Every so often, everyone needs extensive repairs. When the time comes, get the estimate in writing. This will allow you to review the details at home and compare it to other estimates in the area.

8. Convenience

Choose an auto repair shop in a convenient location. Would it work best to have your oil changed during your lunch hour near your employment office? Or would it work best have an auto shop near your neighborhood? Does the shop you’re considering offer transportation or rental services while your vehicle is being serviced? These are important questions to ask.

9. Professional, friendly service

There is nothing worse than a bad attitude or impersonal customer care, wouldn’t you agree? Getting your car or truck fixed should be a pleasant experience—it’s already a time-consuming, potential inconvenience to your schedule; unfriendly service is unacceptable.

Still unsure where to call “home” for your auto repairs? Give our team at Standard Auto Care a call. We’ll gladly show you around our shop and answer any questions you may have. It’s our mission to earn your trust and business and keep your car running smoothly and safely. We look forward to working with you!

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