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How Do You Know if You Need Alternator Repair in Sacramento, CA?

The alternator is an important part of the car that keeps your battery charged and powers the electronic components when the car is running. The alternator works with the battery to provide electricity. It can be challenging for an inexperienced person to identify whether they are dealing with battery or alternator problems.

If you are having power problems with your car, the best thing to do is contact a mechanic in Sacramento, CA. At Standard Auto Care, we can help with alternator repair and other maintenance tasks for your car.

Signs that You Need Alternator Repair

There are several signs that indicate it is time to repair the alternator. Keep in mind that it is common for the alternator to wear out over a lengthy period. This car repair is a standard maintenance task that will be required at least once or twice during the lifespan of the car.

How does the car react when you turn the key? If you notice it is slow or hard cranking, it could be an alternator problem. Other potential signs include lights that are dimmer than normal. Also, watch the dashboard indicators because many cars have a small GEN, ALT, or BATT light that will illuminate.

Even if the BATT light turns on, it could be an indication that it is an alternator problem, not the battery. The alternator recharges the battery so you will experience battery problems when the alternator goes bad. Replacing the alternator will improve the performance of the battery.

It is possible that there could be an alternator problem without an illuminated light giving you a heads up. The alternator controls the light illuminations in the dashboard. If the alternator is completely broken, none of the lights will illuminate.

Testing the Alternator and the Battery

When you are dealing with power problems, you can talk to a mechanic about diagnostics to identify the problem. We will test the battery, alternator, and other aspects of the car that might contribute to the issues you’re having. Our goal is to keep your car in good condition so you always have a reliable vehicle to get around town.

Just because you are dealing with power issues, doesn’t mean that the entire system needs to be replaced! We will check all of the connections and find the most cost-effective solution to get your car running again. Sometimes, it might as simple as switching out the battery or making a small adjustment with a connection. Other times, it might be necessary to replace the entire alternator. We can diagnose the problem and make recommendations about the best course of action to repair your vehicle.

Standard Auto Care is your reliable Sacramento alternator repair shop. Stop by our repair facility at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815. Call or email us in advance to schedule an appointment for your car repair so that we can speed up the turnaround time: 916-924-8040 or [email protected]/standardautocare.


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