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How Do You Know Your Clutch Needs Repair in Sacramento, CA

Like many important parts in a car, the clutch will give you some warning signs when it is wearing down and needs to be repaired. You may have a soft clutch that takes a bit to get into gear. It can slip when it is in gear and you are driving. You could smell a burnt toast stench. Or you can see smoke coming from under the car. Also, you will know by checking the mileage, about 80k is the mileage limit on any clutch, but check your car manufacturer’s book for your specific clutch.

A soft clutch is when you have to let the clutch all the way out before it picks up the gear you put it in. It doesn’t really cause any trouble. It simply means your clutch is starting to go and you should make an appointment to get it repaired.

If you can’t get your car into gear, it is pretty simple to know that the clutch is the problem. While it may not be that you need to have a replacement clutch, you do need to have it looked at and fix before your car will be drivable again.

When a clutch slips out of gear, it can do so at any time. Mostly it will do it when you are putting some extra force on it – like going up a hill – or accelerating. Sometimes it can be hard to notice that it came out of gear and ‘slipped’. Especially of it is happening when you first start as you may think that you didn’t put it into gear the whole way. But, when it keeps happening, it’s time to have it checked out and repaired.

Three is a burning smell that comes from a clutch that is slipping. It has no smoke, it just stinks. This often happens when you are also experiencing trouble shifting. So, the group of these warning signs is a true tell that your clutch is in dire need of repair.

When there is smoke coming from underneath your car, the clutch is overheating the clutch plate. You will want to vacate your car immediately, allow it to cool and call for a tow truck. When this happens, your car needs to be repaired right away. You should not drive it again until it is fixed as you can cause more damage to other costly parts of the car.

While all of these warning signs do point to a clutch problem, the issue may not be with the clutch itself. It could be an oil leak or other can issue. All the more reason to have your car checked so you will know exactly what the problem is.

No matter what the warning sign is, you can rely on Standard Auto Care Sacramento, CA to help you get the repair done in a timely manner so you can be on your way again. Our customers know that we provide the best clutch repair specialist in Sacramento. So, make your appointment today!


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