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How to Avoid Singing the Transmission Repair Blues

So you’ve got your coffee in hand and you’re rushing out the door. You’ve already gone back inside twice to grab your keys and those notes you left on the kitchen counter. You leap into the driver’s seat with no time to spare and crank the engine but…nothing happens.

The last thing you want to deal with on a hectic morning is a surprise issue with your car’s transmission. You need a reliable vehicle to get around efficiently, keep your commute safe, and provide peace of mind every morning when you rush off to work.

Many drivers think of transmission repair as the most intimidating auto problem they could face. Bad transmissions can jeopardize the entire health of your car, and end up cutting short the life of one of your biggest investments. Transmission repair is expensive, extensive, and time-consuming – which is why it pays to read up on these ways so you can take preventative action and reduce the risk of anything happening to your vehicle:

1. Keep Fluid Levels In Check. Fluid is pretty much the bread and butter of your transmission – it’s an extremely important part of keeping transmission health intact. By lubricating your transmission, the components can stay cool and smooth running. Overheating is a big concern when it comes to damaging your transmission and other systems in your vehicle. Over time, transmission fluid breaks down and degrades, failing to do the very important job it’s designed to do.

2. Don’t Ignore New Problems. If you notice a developing issue when you’re driving your car, don’t sweep it under the rug. Transmissions are complex systems integral to keeping the other parts of your vehicle in tip-top shape. If you don’t pay attention to the signs that something might be off with your transmission (rough shifting, delayed engagement from park into drive, or whining engine noises are common symptoms of transmission troubles) you are increasing the risk of further damage. The engine itself depends on the transmission for optimal performance.

3. Keep The Cooling System Updated. Besides the engine, the cooling system is probably the second most important part of your car when it comes to keeping the transmission healthy. A lazy or inefficient cooling system is going to negatively impact the transmission, jeopardizing the incredibly important element of temperature control. What might not be a huge issue to begin with can get much worse if the cooling system is working against the transmission.

4. Don’t Skip Transmission Service Appointments! This is one of the most important tips for keeping your transmission happy, healthy, and performing like a champ. It might seem like a no brainer, but neglected maintenance windows are responsible for a surprising number of auto repair issues escalating from bad to worse. What could have been a simple, inexpensive fix in the first place can quickly snowball into much bigger issue – but taking your car to the experts in Sacramento will help you stay ahead of the curve, avoid massive expenses!

For more information on keeping your transmission healthy, call 916-924-8040 and talk to a Sacramento transmission repair professional at Standard Auto Care.


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