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Prepare for These Costly Repairs for Hondas in Sacramento

Cars are a major investment for everyone. When they stop working, it is always frustrating and even more so when it is a costly repair. But, these do come up and can happen to your Honda especially if you are not doing preventative maintenance. Preparing for this type of job is a necessary evil. Here are the most common costly Honda repairs in Sacramento.

 Tires and rims need replaced from time to time. Depending on the type of tires you use on your Honda, they can be expensive or very expensive. Tires are also thought to be the most expensive type of car repair because of the frequency of replacement.

Brake repair is a big expense that can be prevented. But, preventative care is necessary and also a little costly. Changing brake pads and rotors will need to be done and will cost money too.

Transmission replacement is one of the most costly jobs a car owner may have to face. Luckily, not all of us do. How can you keep from having to face this costly replacement job? Considering 9 out of 10 replacements happen because the transmission fluid failed to circulate correctly through the transmission, keeping up with that maintenance will keep your transmission running for the lifetime of your car.

Car owner can be grateful that timing belts do not need to be changed any more than they do. The cost to replace a timing belt is one you should be prepared to pay. the belt itself doesn’t cost as much as the labor to take out the old one.

When your head gasket blows, the cost in labor alone is over $1200. As the head gasket is an vital part of the car’s engine, it will not run properly – if at all – when it is broken. A head gasket blows when there are problems with the timing or cooling systems in the car. Even though it can be a manufacturer’s issue, it is more likely owner error. Preventative maintenance, again, can save a lot of money by avoiding a head gasket issue.

Replacing a camshaft is an expensive car repair that is avoidable, like many other car repairs, with a regular oil and filter change. You may also want to get the valves cleaned as build up of grime and grease is how a camshaft gets broken. This is a labor intensive auto repair that will cost anywhere up to $3000. All the more reason to try and prevent having to replace this part altogether.

After tens of thousands of miles, your suspension parts will wear. Another costly repair that every car owner should see coming. While the suspension of a car is made up of several separate parts, the cost of replacing them whether it is one or more, is going to run a couple of hundred dollars.

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