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Preventative Auto Maintenance for Your Vehicle

In Sacramento and throughout the country, drivers have a habit of putting off auto maintenance until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this often results in paying more for repairs and having to go an extended period of time without your vehicle. By choosing to follow up on simple auto maintenance checks you can extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the chance of serious damage occurring. While most drivers have the best intentions of keeping up with their auto maintenance Sacramento, CA, we understand life has a tendency of getting in the way. To simplify the process we have put together a short auto maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of your vehicle’s needs.

Monthly Checks:

  • Have an auto technician inspect your “check engine” light
  • Have your vehicles interior and exhaust pipes cleaned
  • Have head lights, tail lights, and interior lights checked
  • Have the condition of your tires checked and inflate any tires that look low on air.
  • Top off your windshield washer fluid

Every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles

  • Have your transmission fluid topped off
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your battery and cables
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your belts
  • Clean and top off your engine oil and filters
  • Have your exhaust inspected
  • Have all hoses and lights inspected
  • Replace or top off power steering fluid

Every 6 months or 6,000 miles

  • Have your automatic transmission fluid checked, changed, or topped off
  • Have a professional auto technician inspect your fuel filters
  • Have your vehicle’s battery replaced
  • Have your chassis lubricated
  • Have your power steering fluid checked and topped off

Every 9 months or 9,000 miles

  • Have hoses and lights checked
  • Have tires rotated and balanced
  • Have your engine air filter checked and replaced

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles

  • Have your brake pads checked and replaced if needed
  • Have all belts and cables checked
  • Have Coolant (antifreeze) replaced
  • Have any corroded hoses replaced
  • Have your steering and suspension checked
  • Have your wiper blades replaced
  • Check on your signal lights, head lights, and tail lights as well as all dashboard lights

Remember, these are routine auto checks that should occur no matter the type of vehicle you drive. If you hear any strange sounds, notice your vehicle is leaking fluids, or find any strange smells coming from your car, don’t wait for your next maintenance check to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. At Standard Auto, we give the same precision and quality care to your routine maintenance checks as we do to major repairs. Our highly trained staff will take every detail into account as we inspect your car for any signs of future damage. Quality customer service is our top priority, which is why you can always expect transparency and clear communication no matter the repair. To speak with one of our expert auto technicians today, give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815.


Auto Maintenance
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