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Signs It’s Time for a Suspension Repair

If you only plan on driving on perfectly flat roads with your vehicle, your suspension may not be a big deal. However, for the majority of Sacramento drivers, there’s no such thing as a perfectly flat road. Your suspension helps keep your vehicle aligned, and controls the ride and handling of your vehicle. Without your suspension, you will quickly lose control of your vehicle, putting both your car and your life in serious danger. The best way to ensure you remain safe on the road is by being aware of any signs telling you your suspension may need a repair. To help, we’ve created a short list of suspension trouble signs to be on the lookout for.

You Notice Bumps in the Road more than Usual

When it comes to particularly rough roads, it’s normal to feel a bit of bumpiness. However, if you’re suddenly noticing every little bump on roads that usually feel smooth, take it as a sign that your suspension may need a repair. In this scenario, chances are your shock absorbers have become worn down, a small problem that can quickly lead to major issues if your vehicle is not taken to an auto technician immediately.

You’re Having Trouble Steering

One of the most tell-tale signs that your suspension is in need of repair is trouble with steering. If you notice your steering wheel slipping while on the road, it may mean something has gone wrong with your suspension as your suspension directly effects the power steering system in your vehicle. This could be a minor problem, and could be due to a number of other issues, however we highly recommend not risking it and bringing in your vehicle to be inspected.

You Can Feel Your Vehicle Pulling to the Side

If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or the right while attempting to drive straight on the road, it’s a major sign that your vehicle is experiencing suspension problems. We suggest being very careful with this one, as many drivers usually mistake this problem as a sign of uneven tire pressure or wear. A simple tire check can rule these problems out, so if you’ve had a look and your tires look normal, then it may be time to bring in your vehicle to have your suspension checked. The sooner you have your vehicle inspected, the easier it will be to fix the problem.

Your suspension is a vital mechanism in your vehicle, and is a necessary part of keeping you safe on the road. If you’ve noticed one or more of the signs above, we strongly suggest scheduling an appointment with Standard Auto Care to have your Car Suspension Repair Sacramento, CA immediately. At Standard Auto Care there are no surprise costs, only full transparency from start to finish and quality customer service that you can rely on. To book your appointment to have your vehicle inspected give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit our auto shop located at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, Ca 95815.


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