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Signs That Your Vehicle is In Need of a Clutch Repair

In Sacramento and throughout the country, countless drivers rely on their clutch to allow them to smoothly shift gears while on the road. Unfortunately, due to time and external factors, this important mechanism can become jammed or fail, making your car dangerous to drive. While a clutch repair is a less expensive process than other transmission issues, no one enjoys being inconvenienced by having to be without a vehicle or shelling out extra cash. The key is to catch the problem as soon as it occurs to ensure your clutch can be repaired quickly and affordably. To help ensure you are aware of any potential issues with your clutch, we have put together a short list of signs to be aware of.

  • Difficulty Shifting Gears

The first, and most obvious, sign of needing a clutch repair is experiencing difficult while shifting gears, or noticing that your vehicle is slightly shaking every time you attempt to shift. This symptom may be most noticeable when attempting to put the car into first gear or reverse and can be a sign that your clutch has become worn down.

  • Your Clutch Slips Out of Gear

If you don’t have difficult shifting gears, but instead notice that your vehicle seems to slip out of gear, it’s best to see an auto technician right away. This symptom is a sure sign of clutch damage and can be a major safety hazard while on the road.

A Burning Smell

Using your senses is the easiest way to indicate problems occurring within your vehicle, especially your sense of smell. If you notice a foul, burning smell that occurs while driving, it could be sign that friction is occurring on your worn out clutches. It is highly recommended to bring your vehicle in for an inspection the moment you notice this smell.

  • Noisy Shifting

Another way to use your senses is to be aware of any sounds that may occur while shifting. If your clutch makes a grinding sound while attempting to change gears, it is a strong sign that a clutch repair in Sacramento, CA needs to occur in order to continue driving smoothly and safely on the road. The sooner you bring your vehicle in for a check, the sooner a technician will be able to decipher whether the problem is with your clutch or another piece of the vehicle.

If you are looking for a quality repair service in the Sacramento area to handle your clutch repair, Standard Auto is the right shop for you. Our technicians hold decades of experience with a variety of cars and repair types and provide each service with the quality craftsmanship and customer service you deserve. If you notice one or more of the signs above, we strongly suggest bringing your vehicle into one of our technicians to have your clutch inspected. To schedule an appointment to have your clutch checked, give us a call at 916-924-8040, or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, Ca 95815.


Clutch Repair
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