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Signs Your Radiator Needs Repaired in Sacramento, CA

If your car is in need of radiator repair, it will let you know. Unfortunately, the way it will let your know is not going to be a pleasant experience. Radiators primary purpose is to keep your engine cool. When it is not doing its thing, the engine gets hot. And that is when the most common warning signs kick in. The radiator leaks the coolant and you will see this under your car or around your radiator after it has been parked. Or, you will see a warning light on the inside of the car letting you know it is getting hot. If you fail to see these signs, the last one is going to stop the car from running, so you’ll know. It is when your car gets overheated, smoke comes out of the hood and you are stuck calling a tow truck. Let’s keep that from happening to you!

What can you do to prevent these things from happening? You can check your car for radiator leaks. You can keep the fluid levels where they should be. You can take your car in for preventative maintenance. And you can pay attention to the warning lights in your car that says it is getting too hot. If that happens, you can make an appointment with us, Standard Auto Care in Sacramento, CA, right away.

Checking the car for radiator leaks is fairly simple. Common leak points under the hood are the radiator and heater hoses, hose connections and the water pump. If you see a cracked hose or coolant on these things, there is most likely a leak. At this point your will need professional service to find the leak and get it fixed before it causes more damage to the car.

Checking your car’s radiator fluid should be a standard monthly habit as part of your car care. You can do it while you check the other fluids. If it is low, add the recommended coolant as stated in your owner’s manual. If it is dirty looking, murky, have a professional look at it and see if the radiator needs flushed.

When you bring your car into us, we can suggest preventative measures over time to keep your radiator in good repair. These measures include checking your fluids levels – which you are able to do at home as well – changing the fluid and flushing out your system. The reason behind doing this work is that your fluid, after a period of time, will get dirty and not work as well.

you have ever experienced. As our customer, you will be treated like one of the family. We have a full guarantee on all of our parts and services. Plus, we repair only what is necessary – you will never have to worry about getting surprised at the cost! If you are looking for a radiator repair shop in Sacramento, CA, make an appointment and come in today.


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