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Standard Auto Care Will Take Care of Your Car’s Suspension Repair in Sacramento, CA

At Standard Auto Care, in Sacramento, California, we like to think of preventative vehicle maintenance much like your annual well visit to see your doctor. To ensure that things are running the way they should, it’s much easier and economical to make routine visits, rather than wait until something is really wrong. In the same way that it’s better to see your doctor for routine exams, rather than wait until you have a serious problem. That’s exactly what we’ve built our business on, at Standard Auto Care. We are committed to servicing our clients for regular maintenance and, of course, are always available when bigger problems arise. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t make our money from convincing customers to invest in unnecessary work. That’s just not how we do business. It’s the reason we opened our business, over 18 years ago, and the reason we are still the most trusted suspension repair shop, today.

When it comes to your vehicle and suspension repair, you can depend on our certified and knowledgeable mechanics to walk you through and explain every bit of the process; itemizing your estimate, detailing the work, and securing your approval before they begin. When your suspension is in need of repair, your vehicle will likely let you know. The quality of your vehicle’s suspension is greatly impacted by the surfaces of the roads on which you travel. For example, if you continually drive your vehicle over potholes, and in and out of ditches, it’s likely wear and deteriorate even faster. When your suspension get begins to fail, you will know it. You’ll feel it in the way your car rides, as you’ll begin to notice the loss of comfort and smoothness in your ride. Often times, your vehicle’s suspension will begin to fail, simply from regular use.

If your vehicle has started to feel more like an amusement park ride than the comfortable, smooth ride you once knew, you might be ready for a new suspension. If you feel, or hear a rattle when you drive, that could very well be another sign. If you’re still unsure, your safest bet is to schedule an appointment with us. Call 916-924-8040, and speak to our staff at Standard Auto Care, and we will set you up with an appointment, provide you with a detailed estimate, and ensure that your vehicle gets the treatment it needs. We’ll let you know if the suspension needs to be replaced and how much time we think we will need to get your vehicle back on the road and ready to drive safely.

Upon completion of your suspension replacement, you’ll receive our product and labor warranty. That means, we won’t have to replace the same part, and will stand by our work. We are that confident in our work, on that you can depend. The older your vehicle is and the more mileage it has, can also play into your suspension and its possible need for replacement. Visit Standard Auto Care today for your car suspension repair Sacramento. We have the best ASE certified technicians that are able to handle all types of general automotive repair services.


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