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Suspension Repair – Things You Need To Know

You may be proud of your cars acceleration, torque or horsepower, but if you can’t actually control your car all of that doesn’t matter. The state of your suspension is the difference between a smooth ride and a deadly one, which is why suspension repair is no laughing matter. It’s wise to take care of any suspension issues early before they lead to larger problems. Here we are going to review some important information about your car’s suspension so that you and your vehicle can stay safe on the road.

Chances are you aren’t driving on perfectly flat road all of the time which is why your suspension is so important. Even freshly paved roads have their flaws that effect the wheels of your car. When these issues on the road occur force is applied to your wheels. Just one small bump causes your wheels to move up and down on the road. This is why it’s necessary to have an intervening mechanism in place to ensure your wheel’s energy is transferred to the frame, instead of the rest of the car. This is where your suspension comes into play. The suspension absorbs the energy of the wheel and allowing your car to continue to drive undisturbed.

Problems most commonly occur with your car’s suspension for several reasons:

  • The wheels of your car could be poorly aligned (not facing the proper direction). If this is the case, your steering won’t be centered and your tire will quickly become warn down. This means your car doesn’t handle bumps or pot holes as well as it usually does, and your suspension will quickly begin to ware down from the excessive force applied to it.
  • Another tire issue that can affect your suspension are the shock absorbers. When your wheel’s shock absorbers begin to wear out, your car will experience more bouncing and shaking while driving. Again, this will apply excess force and energy to your suspension, slowly wearing it down.
  • If the springs of your car (the device that holds the weight of the car) has become worn and begun to sag or break, then both your wheels and suspension will begin to absorb the weight of the car, wearing down the suspension and creating damage.
  • Finally, the control arms (the hinges that hold the wheel to the frame and enable you to steer) can also cause problems if it becomes to warn down. Your suspension will then have more energy to absorb, not to mention you won’t be able to steer!

If you are noticing that your car is not taking small bumps in the road as well as it once did, or you are experiencing excess shaking or rattling, then it could be some early signs that your suspension has been damaged. It’s wise to bring your car in to your trusted Sacramento mechanic as soon as you notice any of these signs beginning to develop. A broken suspension is incredibly dangerous and should be repaired immediately.


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