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Tips for Finding a Great Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair can be expensive, so it’s imperative to find a trustworthy and quality option that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Sacramento has thousands of auto repair shops, so use the following tips to find the very best one for you, your location and your car.

  • Listen to Others

While every business advertises, the most honest reviews come from other consumers. Ask around with friends, family members, coworkers and even acquaintances for auto repair shop recommendations. If an auto repair shop has proven that it can satisfy its customers, they will tell you so!

  • Location and Overhead

Auto repair shops generally charge for labor hours, and the prices per hour can rapidly go up in affluent or over-populated areas. Before committing to a specific shop, inquire about how much of your service charge is going to the labor costs and how much is for the repair itself.

Larger shops with lots of front of house staff will also have hire prices to pay for salaries. However, smaller shops might take more time on repairs as they have smaller staffs.

  • Shop Around

Never commit to an auto repair shop without getting estimates and quotes from at least three other shops. If you really like a shop but its quotes are higher than the others, see if they will match. Or, think about why the quote is so much higher and if the reasons are good enough for them to keep your business.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t immediately choose the shop with the lowest quote. The median number is generally the best bet.

  • Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask auto repair questions. Don’t walk into a shop ready to pay and walk out again. Always ask questions like:

  • Does the shop provide a written warranty? And if so, for how long?
  • What does the warranty cover? What are its stipulations and conditions?
  • Does the shop have fire insurance? What about theft insurance?
  • How long has the shop been in business? Does it have a business license?
  • What kind of materials does the shop intend to use on your car?New, used, or aftermarket? 

Also ask about the auto repair shop’s plan for your repair. How long will it take? What are the steps? What are some possible added costs or potential pitfalls?

  • Trust Your Gut

Nine times out of ten your gut is right. If a shop isn’t busy during peak hours, there’s probably a reason. If its disorganized, cluttered, or dirty, it might reflect the kind of work that shop offers. If a workman or a manager is off-putting or rude, walk away. You’ll be much happier with an open, communicative and pleasant auto repair shop.

You’ll know when you’ve found the right Sacramento auto repair shop for you and your car, so trust follow the above tips and trust your instincts. You’ll have a smooth-running, great looking car in no time.


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