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Tips on Talking to Your Mechanic for Sacramento GM repair

There are two types of car owners: the first believes that their car is one of their most prized possessions and the other thinks their car is simply an expensive piece of machinery that you own. This articles is for the latter, because as a group, they have a hard time talking to auto mechanics. They don’t know what to say, don’t understand the parts of a car and really do not want to know any more than they have to. But, they want to keep their car in good repair so learning to talk to their mechanic is imperative. They need to feel calm about the work being done and the mechanic needs to get information from them as well. Therefore, good communication has to happen. Not an easy task, but here are some tips on talking to your mechanic when you aren’t a ‘car person’:

Establish a relationship with your auto mechanic before you need to get major work done on your car. Take notes and write them on down, including your auto mechanics name. If you feel intimidated by your auto mechanic or by car repair in general, tell them. Often getting over your fears means sharing what they are.

When something goes wrong with your car, write down all of the symptoms, when the problem started and if you hear a noise or smelled anything. If the car was leaking fluid, note the color of the fluid and if it was doing so while running or after you parked it. Relay this information to your mechanic to help them understand what the problem could be.

When telling your GM mechanic the issues you are having with the car, be straight about the symptoms and don’t offer any thoughts as to what you think may be wrong. While you could very well be correct in your thinking, letting the mechanic do their job will ensure that less time is spent searching for answers where there may not be any. And since you pay for labor by the hour, it is a good idea to just stay quiet and stick with the facts.

When you do not understand an issue with your car, ask your Sacramento mechanic to explain it by showing you. This will help you bring up questions because you will be able to see the answers. The service person should always explain everything you want to know about what is happening with your car.

If you are afraid you will forget everything that has been done to the car, ask for a written invoice explaining what was done and why it was done. Sometimes it is just information overload when you go in to pick up your car and pay the expenses. Having what was done written down can also be placed in a file, so you know what work has been done and you will be able to explain it should you need to take the car back in the near future.

If you are looking for easy to talk to mechanics for GM repair in Sacramento, give Standard Auto Care a call at 916-924-8040 for their next available appointment. They will give you the service you need for an unbelievable price.


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