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Transmission Repair for Most Common Problems

You just started noticing it—a strange sound, a small hesitation while you are driving. The transmission in your car is one of the most important parts. It directs power from the engine through the drive strip to the wheels. Any issues with the transmission can render your vehicle completely useless. This is why knowing some of the most common problems can help. So you can get proper transmission repair quickly.

What to Watch For

Mechanical car problems usually come with distinct sounds or sensations. This is why, when you go in for transmission repair, the mechanic often asks about what the problem sounds like. These key indicators can tell them not only when something isn’t functioning properly, but also what might be going on. So, as a driver, it is in your best interest to pay attention to anything out of the ordinary. Specific signs of transmission problems include:

  • Car refuses to go into gear
  • A burning smell
  • Car is noisy in neutral
  • Gears slip
  • Clutch drags or fails to disengage
  • Transmission fluid leaks (bright red)
  • Early vibrations turn on check engine light
  • Grinding sound or feeling when switching gears
  • Whining, humming or buzzing sound

Once you start noticing the signs, you should take your car to a trusted technician to keep it in great shape.

Top 3 Transmission Problems in Sacramento

Here are just four of the top transmission problems you could face:


This is one of the more minor problems, but can none-the-less lead to major concerns. Usually these problems begin with a leak in the transmission system. It could be a gasket seal that needs replacement. Or, on more rare occasions, the fluid from the radiator might contaminate transmission fluid. In your car you might notice gear slippage or slower shifting. For transmission repair the technician seals the leak and replaces lost fluid. Or, if the fluid is contaminated or old, the tech flushes out the entire transmission and refills it with new fluid.

2. Solenoid Problems

Most often the solenoid sustains damage because of insufficient fluid levels or electronic problems. In fact, the problem often manifests much like fluid leaks or insufficient transmission fluid levels. If there is slippage, but no leaks, then the technician will likely check the solenoid next.

3. Issue with Torque Converter

One of the more common issues with transmission is a damaged torque converter, more specifically, worn out needle bearings. When this happens you likely start to hear strange noises, like brushing or grinding sounds, while you drive in gears. To test for this problem you can start your car and let it idle for a few minutes. Then step lightly on the gas a few times while still in park. Let the engine return to idle, press on the break, and shift into drive. Break and move into the next gear, all the way through to reverse. Listen carefully for any strange sounds, then drive your car and watch for shuddering or slippage. If needle bearings are the problem there is metal on metal contact, and the tech can find metal chips in the transmission fluid.

If you start noticing strange problems with the transmission, you need to seek repair from a trusted Sacramento auto transmission repair technician. They will help answer any questions you have regarding your transmission and provide all services to keep your vehicle on the road.


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