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Warning Signs Your Timing Belt Needs Replacement

Your timing belt in your car is an imperative component that will cause automobile issues if it is not working correctly. A timing belt will slip if the teeth on the belt wear down. Since the belt is made of rubber, like tires it can wear. For this reason, manufacturers specify a time and mileage limit on when you should have the timing belt replaced. Take a good look at your car owner’s manual to see the time and mileage limit placed on your vehicle. It is a good idea to stick to this time limit, but even then you may need a replacement beforehand.

Here are some warning signs your car will give you if you need to have your timing belt replaced:

Does your engine start to act oddly when you get between 2000 and 6400 RPM? If so, this could be a timing belt issue that calls for you to make a replacement. This happens with the belt becomes loose or there are some teeth missing, cause the timing belt to malfunction.

 While a timing belt may not look like much all by itself, it is an important piece of equipment in your car. If it is off, you will notice problems while it is running and when you are trying to start your car. As the timing belt works by turning the crankshaft exactly two revolutions for every one revolution of the cam shaft, any offset to the ‘timing’ can have disastrous effects on how well the car is running or if it will run at all.

Excessive exhaust fumes are another tell that it is time to get your timing belt replaced. If you are seeing more smoke coming out of your exhaust that you normally see, it can be because the engine is trying to run, even with the timing belt being off, therefore creating more fumes. At this point, you should call to make an appointment to have it check right away.

A high pitched shrieking or whirring sound when you start your car or when the car is idling is another sign that the timing belt needs to be replaced.

The last warning sign your timing belt needs replaced isn’t really a sign at all. You will know you need a new one if it breaks because your car will stop running. This can happen abruptly, like while you are driving on a road or highway, causing accidents

. While there are only a few warning signs that a timing belt is going, there are almost none if a timing belt is simply weak because of wear. This is why it is so important to change the belt according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Having your timing belt replaced at our auto mechanic shop in Sacramento, CA, will keep you from having more problems if the belt should fail and damage your engine. Not sure if your timing belt is giving you problems? Let us check it out for you by making an appointment for your car today.


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