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What Causes Clutch Damage

Automatic vehicle drivers in Sacramento may be alarmed when they notice their clutch suddenly slipping out of place. Clutch repairs vary in size and can range from a small, affordable repair to a complete clutch replacement. While there are a number of signs that will let you know you’re in need of a clutch repair, it’s also important to be aware of what can cause clutch damage before it occurs. Here are some common causes of clutch damage so you can reduce your chances of needing clutch repair.

Incorrect Gear Selection

Too often, drivers aren’t fully aware of which gear is correct for driving their vehicle at various speeds. As a result, they can choose a low gear while driving at a speed that causes the plate to accelerate to an excess speed. This increased strength can damage the clutch plate, requiring extensive repairs.

Shifting at the Wrong Moment

Similar to choosing the wrong gear, if a driver shifts into an incorrect gear before adjusting their speed, it could cause the plate to accelerate past its strength, which can lead to serious damage to the clutch.

Push Starting a Vehicle in a Low Gear

If a driver push starts their vehicle while it’s still in a low gear, it can cause increased rotation in the clutch disk and can tear away from the clutch backing plates, which will eventually result in the clutch slipping out of place.

Continuing to Drive the Vehicle When the Clutch is Slipping

If you ignore your clutch slipping and continue to drive in such a state, it can result in materials overheating and causing the clutch disc and pressure plate to completely fail. Once this occurs, your vehicle will not operate without the necessary repairs.

Fitting A Clutch to a Modified Vehicle

If you have modified the engine of your vehicle to increase its performance, it’s important to choose a clutch that matches your vehicle’s new capabilities. Fitting a clutch to a vehicle with increased performance capabilities can cause premature clutch failure, requiring some serious repairs as well.

We’ve all made mistakes with our vehicles in the past and if you find yourself guilty of one of the situations listed above, skip the guilt and bring your vehicle in to Standard Auto. We will treat your clutch repair Sacramento, CA with the utmost care by providing quality craftsmanship along with first class customer service. Our highly trained auto technicians have seen clutch damage of all kinds and can easily assess what the damage is, while keeping you informed every step of the way. You’ll never find any additional, or unauthorized repairs on your bill as we only do what you give us permission to do on your vehicle. If you would like to bring your vehicle in today to have one of our technicians inspect your clutch, simply give us a call at 916-924-8040 or visit us in person at 2240 Colfax St, Sacramento, CA 95815. We look forward to assisting you with all of your auto care needs.


Clutch Repair
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