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What to Consider About BMW Repair

Even the ultimate driving machine needs a repair every now and then. BMW owners know there’s no worse feeling than when something goes wrong with their precious baby. Particularly because no ordinary repair shop can fix it. Since BMW’s are engineered in such a unique way the right repair shop requires extensive BMW knowledge, access to the right parts, and the tools to properly diagnose the problem. There is no small issue in a BMW as the full system relies on the sum of its parts, so it’s best to have your vehicle examined and maintained regularly. Here we will look into some factor to consider when your BMW is in need of a repair.

  • Be sure that the mechanic you bring your car to has specific training on BMW’s and has access to diagnostic parts, tools and computers. It’s not necessary to bring your car to the dealership, there are definitely shops where you will find this.
  • For a technician to be considered a BMW Master Certified technician, they must have a minimum of five years of experience working on BMW’s. This certification isn’t necessary to have the needed knowledge to fix your car, but it may bring you some peace of mind.
  • BMW’s are engineered to rely on their computer systems, and their entire system runs like one. Ask your mechanic if they have an OBDII, GT!, SSS, or ISIS scanner that is compatible with the BMW’s system.
  • If a repair shop is reputable, then they are likely to have a membership in automotive professional affiliations such as the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence, or the ASA (Automotive Service Association). You don’t need to dig deep to find this information, chances are they have it out on display.
  •  Another important factor to consider when deciding whether or not a shop is qualified for BMW repair is to look into the shops reviews and recommendations from previous clients. There are hundreds of websites where you can learn about past client experiences that can help you make your decision.
  • When in doubt, take your time and talk with the technician. You should be able to get a solid feel of their knowledge and experience of BMW’s. Bring them your questions and see how you feel by the time the conversation is over.
  • Consider the speed and cost of the repairs. It’s always wise to do your homework and see what the true cost and repair time is for your vehicle’s problem. If the shop you are looking into can offer a fair price, a fast turnaround, and quality customer service they are likely the real deal.

Remember, as important as it is to take the time to research a proper mechanic, you also don’t want to be driving your BMW in faulty shape for too long. Even issues that seem minor can lead to larger and more expensive problems, if your gut tells you your car will be in the right hands then it may be best to take it in before things get any worse.


BMW Auto Repair
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