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What You Need to Know About Transmission Repair

“Transmission repair” are two words that scare many car owners. But really there are a wide range of transmission problems and solutions. There are also many ways to avoid needing a repair all together. Here we will discuss some valuable information to consider when it’s time to look into a transmission repair.

Where Does Transmission Trouble Start?

Your transmission trouble can be the result of several issues. One cause could be that your torque converter either has worn and need bearings (it will emit a noise when it’s in gear) or it’s experiencing one-way clutch failure (resulting in a lack of power or overheating). Your transmission trouble can also be a direct result of a faulty solenoid causing gear slippage and slow shifting. Another common cause is the clutch, which will cause repeated stalling, sticking and slipping gears. Finally, it could just be a clogged transmission filter, which also leads to slipping gears, low fluid levels, dirty fluid and no movement.

How to Avoid Transmission Issues

A simple way to avoid transmission trouble is to always check your transmission fluid to see if you are in need of a change. If the liquid is translucent, reddish-brown, and lacks an odor (or has very little odor) than your fluid is clean and a change isn’t necessary. If you find the fluid to be beige, light brown, or giving off a slight burnt odor than it’s likely you will be in need of a change soon. If your liquid is black or brown, and has a strong burnt odor, then have the fluids changed immediately. Finally, if you find metal shavings in the fluid, that there is possible internal damage and you should have your transmission checked by an expert transmission repair mechanic in Sacramento immediately.

How to Extend the Life of your Transmission

If you are trying not to be in the market for a new transmission anytime soon, then there are a few simple steps to keep it healthy.

-First, make sure to change the transmission fluid when necessary. Follow our color guide above, but also be sure that the fluids are changed every 15,000 miles or once a year.

-Be sure to use your brakes! Avoid downshifting to slow down your car as it puts excess stress and wear on the transmission.

– Make sure you always drive in the right gear and only use overdrive when traveling at highway speeds.

-Speaking of speeds, obeying the speed limit is a great way to keep your transmission in good shape. Fast driving wears down the transmission, especially when quickly accelerating.

-Cold transmission fluid doesn’t lubricate as well as hot fluid, so allow your car some time to warm up before driving. It’s also wise to drive your car gently for the first 2-3 miles during colder weather.

-Never ignore overheating. Excessive heat is extremely dangerous for your transmission. Every 20 degrees over 200 degrees decreases the lifespan of your transmission by a factor of 2. If you live in a very hot climate you may want to talk to your mechanic about having an auxiliary transmission cooler installed.


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