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Who to Call for Transmission Repair?

When you buy a vehicle, you might want it to last forever. But no matter how much you want that to be the case, it’ll never happen. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a vehicle as it ages and you use it on a regular basis. Transmission repair is something that may very well become necessary. And when you have a feeling that you need transmission repair in Sacramento, who do you call? The answer is easy! Standard Auto Care! And here are just a few reasons why.

Reason#1: We are family owned and operated

When you are dealing with transmission repair, working with a family owned and operated business is in your best interest. You will get personal service from people who are part of your community. We will treat you like a family member because we live and work among you. We are one of your neighbors and we strive to offer you nothing but the best, most fair service.

Reason#2: We promise never to pressure you

If you don’t know that much about cars, you might feel out of sorts any time you need transmission repair or any other service. Any time a technician tells you that you need service on any area of your car, you might wonder if you really need it or if they are simply trying to pull one over on you. When you call Standard Auto Care, you can rest assured that we will only make necessary repairs. We will treat you with complete honesty and advise you of the issues your vehicle has. We won’t try to pressure you into anything at all. The decisions are yours! We can make recommendations, but it is your vehicle and we are here to service only what you deem okay.

Reason#3: We offer a warranty on all repairs

When you need transmission repair, you don’t want to have to go through the process twice. When you use Standard Auto Care, you don’t have to worry about the issue arising again. We offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all of the repairs we do, including both the parts and the labor. We’ll fix it once and you never have to worry about it again. If anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of it at no extra charge.

If your vehicle is acting up and you think you might need transmission repair, make Standard Auto Care your first and only call. Give us a call at 916-924-8040 and set up an appointment for your vehicle. We’d be happy to take a look and let you know what we recommend. You can also stop by our shop at 2240 Colfax Street, Sacramento, CA 95815 and ask any questions you have. We work with vehicles in Sacramento on a daily basis and we’re happy to help you with your transmission repair, regular maintenance, or anything in between. Work with Standard Auto Care and you get experienced, quality auto repairs with honesty thrown in!


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