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Your Alternator Repair Experts In Sacramento, Ca

We are all experts in some area. Unfortunately, very few are experts on their vehicles—particularly regarding the alternator. That’s okay! Fortunately, our team here at Standard Auto Care can be your vehicle experts.

Let’s start with what the Sacramento alternator Repair is. In simple terms, the alternator is a “power recycler and restorer.” Its role is to generate an alternating current to the electrical components of your vehicle and to work with the battery to create power for the interior/exterior lights and instrument panel.

Clearly, the alternator is a pivotal piece of machinery. In fact, your vehicle’s electrical system depends heavily on a well-working alternator, otherwise the battery reserve would last for a very short time. When an alternator stops working altogether, repairs can be expensive and we want to help you avoid failure!

Warnings from your vehicle’s alternator:

  • Dim Lights: you may notice your headlights or dashboard lights beginning to dim.
  • Brighter lights: any issues within the wires the electricity is piped through may cause the alternator to produce more electricity than needed to compensate. This is usually accompanied by an electrical smell.
  • Strange Sounds: sometimes, drivers will hear a “whining” or “growling” noise prior to the alternator giving out, which could be the pulley out of alignment or the vehicle’s bearings or bushings are worn out.
  • Slow operation: automatic windows and powerseats seem to operate at a slower speed.
  • Starting: if your vehicle has trouble starting with a fully charged battery, there’s likely an alternator issue.
  • Odd Smells: alternators work together with a system of belts and when one is slipping on the alternator pulley, this causes excess friction and a burning rubber odor (and, poor alternator output). Tightening the belt may fix this, but if not—your vehicle needs to be evaluated by a professional.
  • Warning Light: modern cars typically have a light on the dashboard associated with the alternator. It may be shaped like a battery or say “ALT” for alternator or “GEN” for generator. This is not the only sign of an alternator issue, but the light will flash its warning based on how much life your alternator has and the vehicle’s electrical usage.

Reasons to call Standard Auto Care for your alternator repair needs:

  • We are family owned and operated for more than 20 years—you will be treated like family with quality, personal service
  • Guided by a strong Code of Ethics, to which all staff are held accountable
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs, including labor
  • Technicians who understand the Right to Repair and will protect your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free towing
  • Free loaner car during repairs
  • Repairs only on the necessities and advice—not pressure—on other problems
  • Zero surprises (you’ll know and approve every repair on your vehicle)

We invite you to visit us! Our team is friendly, honest, dependable and always happy to answer any of your auto repair questions—regarding your alternator or otherwise. Give us a call! We look forward to earning your trust and business.

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