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Your Trusted Bmw Repair Shop

If we’re being completely honest, luxury car owners do not want to bring their vehicle to “just any auto shop.” For example, a BMW is known as a top-of-the-line, luxury automobile. Owners know they have one of the best-manufactured vehicles on the roads.

Simply put, a BMW is a masterpiece

At Standard Auto Care in Sacramento, CA, we understand the love of luxury. Over the decades, we have experienced the uniqueness of these amazing vehicles and their owners, who demand high-quality work from their chosen auto repair shop (as they should!)

What BMW owners look for in a repair shop:

  • Specialization: a high-end, German-made automobile is an exceptional animal. Owners want to select a repair shop with extensive knowledge of BMW design and construction.
  • High Standards: the shop’s history will give insight on their legitimacy as a luxury vehicle repair center. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are strong statements of a shop’s reputation.
  • Quality: Quality stems from experience, time, and technical training. Further, a shop with ASE certified technicians is a must.
  • Labor Rate: More often than not, you will pay less at an independent auto repair center than at a dealership. And, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go to a BMW dealer for service or repairs to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. You are legally allowed to have any certified auto shop service a BMW under warranty, as long as the work is done correctly.

Additionally, to keep current on your BMW, here are a few tips from our team regarding seasonal, at-home maintenance to ensure you’re doing your part and we’ll handle the rest.

Spring & Summer:

In general, the warmer season is the time BMW drivers use their vehicles. This is a good time to check under the hood for possible hose leaks, cracked belts, or oil filters in need of changing. Our team will happily show you what to look for if these checks are unfamiliar to you.

Fall & Winter:

We may live in the Golden State, full of sunshine and beaches, but we do experience cold. Cold weather is hard on any vehicle and with your BMW, you’ll want to baby it a bit. Here are some simple checks to make during the colder months (September – February):

  • Tire tread: something so simple, but vital to ensuring your BMW’s traction is performing as it should. Check tires for wear and even tread.
  • Tire pressure: also important for traction and top-performance of high-quality wheels and tires.


Salt from the ocean air and dirt on the roads will build up throughout the year in the wheel wells and along the underside of your vehicle. Your BMW should be cleaned/sprayed when it’s warm outside to remove debris and build up. Fluids should be checked either at home or at every tune-up, oil change, and scheduled maintenance repairs.

At Standard Auto Care, our experienced and certified Sacramento, CA BMW technicians can provide the expert care you expect for your BMW! We look forward to becoming your trusted auto repair center.

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