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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Who Can You Trust For Sacramento Toyota Repair?

It can be difficult to know who you can trust when it comes to auto services. Many of the national chains and more than a few dealerships seem so focused on the bottom line that they do almost anything to make a sale. That approach can lead to your car spending far more time in the shop than on the road, and your wallet spending even more time wondering where all its dead Presidents went. To avoid either of those pitfalls, you need to know who you can trust when you’re looking for Sacramento Toyota repair companies. A Trusted Name Though many owners might assume that the best-known brands are the most trusted brands, it’s not always true. Often times, the kind of trust you need in the auto repair industry is something that only develops with time. That’s why many of the most trusted local repair shops are those that have been in their communities for many years. Competence While anyone can tinker with a car, true competence is bo ... read more

Sacramento Auto Repair Tips for Vehicle Owners

There’s just no getting around the fact that many car owners would rather do almost anything than take their vehicle in for a servicing. All too often, consumers feel that they’re somehow not getting the best deal for their money when they look for Sacramento auto repair, and so they put off potential problems until they end up metastasizing into even more severe issues. The problem is that most of the major problems – and much of the cost –could be avoided if car owners approached the maintenance of their vehicle in a more insightful manner. The good news is that we have six tips that can help you better manage your vehicle and avoid many of those expensive repairs. 1. Every vehicle comes with a manual that contains a comprehensive maintenance schedule. Do you follow it? If you’re like most car owners, you try to adhere to it fairly closely in the first year or two after you buy your car, but then eventually start to just play things by ear. Well, that ... read more

Your Vehicle is NOT Maintenance Free, Sacramento Car Owners

Your Vehicle is NOT Maintenance Free, Sacramento Car Owners



How to Know When You Need Sacramento Brake Repair

When it comes to safety inside your vehicle, few things are more important than how your brakes perform. There is truly no worse feeling for a driver than stepping on the brakes in traffic and discovering that they fail to properly slow the car. Let’s face it: when brakes go out, people can get hurt. To avoid that potential, it’s important to know when you need Sacramento brake repair. Here are some clear signs that you might want to consider having them checked out: Check your owner’s manual, and look at the manufacturer’s recommendation for brake service. If you’ve reached that point in the maintenance schedule, don’t put it off! Listen to your brakes. If they are making noises, pay attention to the type of sound you hear. Squealing is usually an indication that the pads are worn. When you hear that noise, it’s a good idea to schedule a time to have them changed. If you hear grinding sounds, however, you could have an emergency situation on ... read more


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