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Getting Your Engine Repaired in Sacramento, CA

It is every car owners’ worst nightmare. You are driving along, having a wonderful day, and you look down at your dashboard and see that the check engine light has come on. Oh, no! Something is wrong with your car and you have no idea what it is. One thing you do know is that you have to take it into the mechanics, pronto. Ignoring your check engine light and not getting repairs is asking for trouble, and major car damage. Here are some of the things that could be wrong with your car if the check engine light goes on:

Failing oxygen sensors are a common problem when you see the check engine light. They accounted for 7.55 percent of repairs in 2013. When you are driving with them malfunctioning, your fuel is not being used correctly by the car and further damage will begin to occur.

Bad spark plugs and wires are another common problem that could be happening when you see your check engine light turn on. Fixing this problem and getting new spark plugs is imperative as if this problem is left to go unfixed, it can cause major and permanent damage to your car’s catalytic converter.

Damage to your car’s catalytic converter is the most expensive common issue that will turn on your car’s check engine light. As this part contains precious metals, the price is a bit steep. It is an engine repair that needs to happen as it is illegal to run your car without one and your car will not run well with a catalytic converter that is not working.

Malfunctioning mass air flow sensor is yet another common problem that will set off the check engine light in your car. As this piece is part of the engine that measures the air inside the engine and calculates how much fuel to inject, it will slowly cause the car to burn up more and more fuel.

A dead and dying battery will cause your check engine light to signal you. As computer systems in cars get better and better, they are able to let you know when your battery needs a charge or is dying on you.

Wear and tear on your vacuum hoses will turn on the check engine light. These hoses can allow vapors to release under the hood, causing a smell and the system that traps vapors from evaporating gas in the fuel system malfunctions.

When your exhaust gas recirculation valve become faulty, you will hear some idling problems and perhaps some issues with engine hesitation. This is another common problem that will turn your check engine light on. As it can cause your car to run improperly, it is one of those issues that need to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

As you can see, there are many common engine repair issues that will turn on the check engine light, bring your car in, or call for an appointment. We can take care of any engine repair in Sacramento, CA.

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