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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Best Sacramento Automotive Shop to Handle All Your Car’s Repairs

Standard Auto Care, located in Sacramento, California, is a reliable source when it comes to vehicle repair. When you find yourself in search for a Sacramento Auto Repair provider, you won’t have to look any further than Standard Auto Care. For things like repairs, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance, residents of Sacramento know that they can trust us with all of their auto repair needs. From transmission, to oil change, to a front end alignment, we are equipped to service all of your car’s needs, guaranteed. When you’re ready to schedule a service appointment, for whatever your car needs, a quick phone call is all it takes. If you find the internet more convenient, you can visit us online and fill out our appointment request form, but a direct phone call works, too. You may not need your car serviced today, but when the time comes that your car is in need of some sort of repair, or even regularly ... read more

Why Customers Trust Standard Auto Care for Their Sacramento Transmission Repairs

A name you can trust for quality transmission repair near Sacramento, California, is Standard Auto Care. We’ve been servicing the residents in this area for the better part of 18 years and in that time, have grown to become a well-respected auto repair service. Transmission repair can be a costly fix, especially if your vehicle’s warning signs have long gone ignored. Too often, customers notice a slip or a change in their transmission, but put off fixing it, because they just don’t have a mechanic they can trust. One quick phone call to the friendly staff at Standard Auto Care can change all of that. When you call to schedule your transmission repair appointment for your vehicle, you’ll be on your way to peace of mind and a safer vehicle, we guaranteed it. Repairs like a transmission rebuild, are among the types of vehicle repair that many vehicle owners put off for many reasons. Some vehicle owner ... read more



Standard Auto Care Will Take Care of Your Car’s Suspension Repair in Sacramento, CA

At Standard Auto Care, in Sacramento, California, we like to think of preventative vehicle maintenance much like your annual well visit to see your doctor. To ensure that things are running the way they should, it’s much easier and economical to make routine visits, rather than wait until something is really wrong. In the same way that it’s better to see your doctor for routine exams, rather than wait until you have a serious problem. That’s exactly what we’ve built our business on, at Standard Auto Care. We are committed to servicing our clients for regular maintenance and, of course, are always available when bigger problems arise. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t make our money from convincing customers to invest in unnecessary work. That’s just not how we do business. It’s the reason we opened our business, over 18 years ago, and the reason we are still the most tru ... read more



Need a Reliable Sacramento Brake Repair Shop? Call Standard Auto Care

The road to your vehicle’s brake repair begins with a scheduled appointment. When your vehicle is in need of brake repair in the Sacramento area, and you need an auto repair shop that provide you with a quick and reliable appointment, remember the name Standard Auto Care. When you also seek the peace of mind that the same mechanic will follow up that appointment with reliable service, Standard Auto Care is the right choice. Any type of work that your vehicle needs is important, but when it comes to fixing your brakes, well that’s an absolute priority. At Standard Auto Care, we treat every customer and every appointment like a priority. Your vehicle is your trusted source for transporting you and your family. It’s imperative that you keep it running right. In order to keep your vehicle reliable and worry-free, be sure to schedule your appointment for routine maintenance, with a phone call to 916 ... read more



Auto Service & Maintenance Shop in Sacramento

Has the search for auto service and repair, in the Sacramento area, left you going in circles? When it comes to the service and repair of your vehicle, we know it can be difficult, daunting, and quite confusing to find a mechanic and repair shop that you can really trust. Customers who are unsure who they can trust, or are confused about where to turn, are the reason we started our business more than 18 years ago. We are proud to call ourselves a trusted service provider in the Sacramento, California area. The reason that we’ve been in business as long as we have, is because of our dependability and integrity in everything that we do. It’s our pledge to our customers. In an industry, where mechanics, too often, mislead their customers into paying for unnecessary work, we have set ourselves apart from the rest. We decided, from the beginning, to build our business on the belief that each customer should be informed and educated, up front, of exactly what type of work is nee ... read more


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