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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Types of Alternator Repairs

here are plenty of things that can go wrong on any vehicle you drive in Sacramento. If you suspect your vehicle needs alternator repairs, you might not know that much more about it. There are actually a number of alternator repairs that are necessary from time to time. The professionals at Standard Auto Care are happy to take a look at your vehicle’s alternator in order to advise you on what needs to be done. Here are a few issues that can arise within an alternator. -Complete Replacement If the unit is defective from years of hard use, there is sometimes nothing you can do other than replace it. Even if it can be fixed, it is sometimes cost effective to simply replace the alternator. -Parts Replacement If most of the alternator is operational, it might be possible to replace just a small part of it in order to get the device up and running again. In some cases, the voltage regulator needs to be replaced. Small pieces within the alternator can go bad and cause the whole devic ... read more



Cost of Suspension Repair in Sacramento

If your vehicle shakes or plunges when you go over bumps or you notice a strange feel when you go around corners, even if you are not going very fast, you might have to have suspension repair. The minute you start to notice something off, you may begin to wonder the age-old question. How much will suspension repair cost in Sacramento? The costs rely on a number of different variables. Those include items like: -Vehicle Style Some vehicle makes, models and years cost more in the suspension repair areas than others. The framework plays a big role in those costs and that is different on different vehicles. A luxury automobile will cost more for suspension repair than a standard vehicle, for example. -The Damage How damaged the suspension is will also help determine the cost. If the suspension has had issues for a while and you have ignored it, it might cost more for suspension repair than if you noticed it right away and went in for repairs immediately. If there is a lot of rust under ... read more



Standard Auto Care Auto Repair Code of Ethics

When you need auto repair in Sacramento, you might put it off as long as possible. You’ve heard about friends and family members paying for repairs they don’t really need. And you’ve heard about things being fixed incorrectly and costing more later. Auto repair is never at the top of anyone’s list, but when it’s necessary, don’t put it off. Just find an auto repair shop you can trust. Standard Auto Care has a strong code of ethics that we uphold with every customer on a daily basis. Take a look at some of the things we promise to do for you and your vehicle. -Honest Recommendations At Standard Auto Care, we promise to recommend services and maintenance items that your vehicle really needs. We will not recommend something to you that your vehicle does not need. We will only tell you what needs to be done to correct problems or prevent items from going wrong in the future. In short, we will never deceive you about the service needs in your vehicle ... read more


Auto Repair

Finding Quality BMW Repair

You don’t buy a BMW because you want average. You buy a BMW because you want that great feeling of quality. No matter how high quality your BMW may be, it’s still going to need repairs and maintenance from time to time. So where do you go to find quality BMW repair in Sacramento? Standard Auto Care! And there are many reasons why we should be your top choice. Here are just a few. -Quality Experience  There are plenty of technicians in the Sacramento area with loads of experience, but how many of those have quality experience specifically with BMW vehicles? Standard Auto Care does! Our technicians are ASE certified, which means they are accepted by the industry to have the credentials necessary to work on vehicles. The certifications have to be renewed every 5 years so technicians are always up with the latest. You can trust that our technicians have the experience and expertise not only ... read more


BMW Auto Repair

How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost in Sacramento, CA?

If your car is having problems and you need transmission repair, you might wonder about the cost of the repair work. Finding the right mechanic in Sacramento, CA is a good way to manage costs and know that the repair was done right. Small Repair or Rebuilt Transmission? There’s no denying that the cost of a transmission repair might be one of the bigger bills you could face at an auto repair shop. When your car is having problems and you are told that it’s a transmission issue, you can expect it will be significantly more money than other more general repairs. Several factors can impact the cost of your transmission repair and a lot depends on the damage that has been done. In some situations, it might be something simple like a transmission fluid leak, which is one of the main causes of transmission issues. When a leak is present, it can cause low fluid levels that will affect the perfor ... read more


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