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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to auto repair, many Sacramento drivers have a difficult time finding a repair shop they can rely on. No matter the size, all auto repair comes with its own level of stress, and things are only made worse when repair shops hit drivers with hidden costs and dishonest service. While not every auto repair shop may be out to get you, there are certainly steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is left in the right hands. Here we will be sharing some simple tips to ensure you’re happy with the auto repair shop you choose for your vehicle. 1. Don’t Wait Until Things Get Serious When your car is in need of a major repair, chances are you don’t have the luxury of shopping around. You need your vehicle to get you to and from work, pick up kids and handle other important responsibilities. That’s why we recommend finding the perfect auto repair shop before your vehicle even needs a repair. Use routine maintenance opportunities like oil changes, tire ... read more


Auto Repair Shop

Why Standard Auto Care is the Right Choice for Your BMW Repair

Sacramento BMW owners face the challenge of finding a reasonably priced auto repair shop that they can trust with the many facets of BMW repair. BMWs are complex driving machines, and an auto repair shop must be equipped with the proper computers and tools to effectively repair any issues the vehicle may have. Fortunately, Standard Auto Care in Sacramento is fully equipped with the tools needed to handle any BMW repair, and that’s not the only reason to trust your luxury vehicle with us. Here we will be discussing why you should choose Standard Auto Care for your next BMW Repair. Standard Auto Care Offers a Warranty You Can Rely On Repairing luxury vehicles, like a BMW, can often be a pricey experience, which is why the last thing you want is to pay for the same repair over and over again. At Standard Auto Care we offer a 3-year, 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on all of our repairs. This means if you paid to have it fixed once, there’s no need to pay to ... read more



Signs Your Alternator Needs a Repair

Many drivers in Sacramento put off repairs for as long as possible to avoid having to spend extra time and money. While this may work for smaller repairs, there are some repairs that need to be handled immediately or drivers will run the risk of having to pay even more or having a dangerous accident occur. Repairing your vehicle’s alternator is one repair that you should consider immediately if you plan on staying safe on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers mistake signs of a faulty alternator for other vehicle issues. To help clear things up, we have created a short list of signs that your alternator may be in need of a repair. Your Lights Have Dimmed One sign that frequently goes unnoticed, is dimmed lights on your vehicle. Many drivers don’t pay much attention to their lights, and if they do notice their lights have dimmed, they attribute it a faulty light bulb. While it may be as simple as a bulb in need of replacing, dimmed lights can also be a sign that the ... read more



Signs It’s Time for a Suspension Repair

If you only plan on driving on perfectly flat roads with your vehicle, your suspension may not be a big deal. However, for the majority of Sacramento drivers, there’s no such thing as a perfectly flat road. Your suspension helps keep your vehicle aligned, and controls the ride and handling of your vehicle. Without your suspension, you will quickly lose control of your vehicle, putting both your car and your life in serious danger. The best way to ensure you remain safe on the road is by being aware of any signs telling you your suspension may need a repair. To help, we’ve created a short list of suspension trouble signs to be on the lookout for. You Notice Bumps in the Road more than Usual When it comes to particularly rough roads, it’s normal to feel a bit of bumpiness. However, if you’re suddenly noticing every little bump on roads that usually feel smooth, take it as a sign that your suspension may need a repair. In this scenario, chances a ... read more


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