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How bad gas can affect the way your car runs

I have worked as a drivability technician in a dealer ship and the private shops for close to 30 years. One thing that I have faced in my career which can be a difficult variable to quantify in engine operation is bad gas. No one that I have ever seen examines their gas before or during filling their vehicle except people putting gas in cans. Yet it causes untold problems that manifest themselves in pretty bizarre ways. A random hard start, stumble, hiccup, stall or sputtering are all symptoms of contaminated fuel as well as poor mileage and often a foul smell to boot. It can cause misfires and even check engine lights. There can be 2 kinds of bad gas. Gas that is old and has lost most of its volatile components through evaporation and has thickened to varnish or contaminated gas which has had water, dirt or some kind of other thing put in it that shouldn’t be there. Old bad gas is rare from a filling station but contaminated fuel happens all of the time. Just because gas compan ... read more



The Importance of Checking Tire Pressure.

Tire wear – Gas mileage – Better handling Let’s take tire wear for example. If you keep the tire pressure at the manufactures recommended tire pressure. Which can either be found on the door jamb or for Europeans can be found at the gas cap lid..This can increase the amount of mileage you can receive from your tires. To much air will wear the inside tires more than the rest of the tires. To low of air pressure will wear the outsides of the tires more. For gas mileage. The tire pressure again should be at manufactures spec or slightly above. This will reduce the rolling resistance that the tires make while rolling down the road. Lower air pressure for example makes it harder for the car to roll. Better handling is another example of the importance of tire pressure. To low of air pressure can cause the car to lean way to much in turns causing bad handling and possible loss of control. Too much air will cause wondering and to loose of steering. We a ... read more

Toyota Sienna Sliding Doors

” This article is about the inside of a Toyota Sienna power sliding door. They were a nifty concept, but in application they are a nightmare. They break constantly, and are horrifically expensive to repair when they do so. They have multiple motors, and replacing the regulator cables often requires the Air Conditioning Evaporator Core, which is mounted in the rear body panel, be removed. Replacing the motor cable which broke on some vehicle takes more than 4 hours, and the part is nearly $600. Well, the good news is Toyota just announced a warranty extension on the Power Sliding Doors -9 years, 120k miles. Ask us to help you with this problem. We’re a dedicated Toyota auto repair shop Sacramento and we’re here for you


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