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Monthly Archives: June 2016

How to Avoid Singing the Transmission Repair Blues

So you’ve got your coffee in hand and you’re rushing out the door. You’ve already gone back inside twice to grab your keys and those notes you left on the kitchen counter. You leap into the driver’s seat with no time to spare and crank the engine but…nothing happens. The last thing you want to deal with on a hectic morning is a surprise issue with your car’s transmission. You need a reliable vehicle to get around efficiently, keep your commute safe, and provide peace of mind every morning when you rush off to work. Many drivers think of transmission repair as the most intimidating auto problem they could face. Bad transmissions can jeopardize the entire health of your car, and end up cutting short the life of one of your biggest investments. Transmission repair is expensive, extensive, and time-consuming – which is why it pays to read up on these ways so you can take preventative action and reduce the risk of anything happening to your vehic ... read more



Is Your Sacramento BMW Repair Measuring Up?

If you don’t drive a BMW, you might not understand the need for a specific BMW repair resource. After all, it’s just a car – why can’t you take it to an ordinary mechanic? But having a BMW isn’t like having other cars. Owning and driving these cars is a specific experience. All across the country there are passionate owners, enthusiasts, and experts who can attest to the importance of proper BMW repair. Sacramento is no different! Getting the best service and parts for your luxury car is an important part of increasing the lifespan of your vehicle, maximizing your investment, and protecting the machinery that transports you and your loved ones every day. Why our BMW repair service is superior: 1. Experience. This is, ultimately, the number one thing to look for when you are trying to choose the best specialty car repair for your vehicle. You want a team that knows how to diagnose the issues, whether they are common or uncommon. An auto repair group that ... read more


BMW Auto Repair

Why it’s Dangerous to Invest in Unreliable Sacramento Auto Repair

Have you ever felt cheated by a car mechanic? Lied to? Made to pay more money than you thought was fair? Most people have felt uncertain or taken advantage of by car repair experts at least once in their life. It’s an industry where trust is especially important because reliable expertise is hard to find. Sacramento drivers depend on their cars for safe transportation. But they depend on their mechanics for peace of mind. When a mechanic manipulates their customer, that all goes out the window. Here are the top five reasons that unreliable auto repair is such a bad thing: 1. Increased Risk Of Damages. If you don’t trust your mechanic, you are less likely to take your car to the repair shop for regular maintenance. Most car owners know that regular maintenance is the number one affordable way to avoid more significant damages to your car. Unfortunately, if you skip out on regular preventative maintenance check-ins, you are missing the opportunity for qualified experts to as ... read more

Top Three Signs Alternator Repair Is On the Horizon

When it comes to maintaining electrical excellence in your car, the alternator is responsible for some pretty major moving parts – yet it might not be the first thing you think of for maintenance repair. Not surprisingly, it takes a lot of electrical capacity to run all the automotive systems that modern Sacramento drivers need. Between GPS, air conditioning, satellite radio, and rear-facing camera/alert systems, your alternator is usually working overtime to keep everything communicating properly and distributing electrical power evenly. Alternator maintenance and repair is extremely important, but many drivers don’t understand the role electrical power plays in keeping their cars running. Here are the most common signs that your alternator needs some extra attention. 1. Inconsistent Headlights/Taillights. It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of all the modern technology in your car – but the basics are just as important, and can actually be the b ... read more



4 Reasons You Should Take Suspension Repair Seriously

So, you are a busy Sacramento driver logging many miles every week. You rely on your car to get you to work, school, home, and all the places in between safely and reliably. You spend a lot of time with your vehicle day in and day out. But how much do you really know about your car? If you are like most people, you probably don’t know in any great detail what’s going on under the hood of your car. And that’s ok! Finding a trusted mechanic is the first step toward updating important auto systems and keeping healthy, safe car repair a top priority. The experts at Standard Auto can tell you why you should care about the maintenance needs of your car’s internal systems – including the suspension. 1. Your Car Needs Balance. No, we’re not talking about meditation, yoga, or getting Zen with your car. We’re talking about real, literal balance. If you’ve ever been in a car that has poor suspension, you probably noticed it pulls to the left or ri ... read more


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