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Monthly Archives: August 2016

What You Need to Know About Transmission Repair

“Transmission repair” are two words that scare many car owners. But really there are a wide range of transmission problems and solutions. There are also many ways to avoid needing a repair all together. Here we will discuss some valuable information to consider when it’s time to look into a transmission repair. Where Does Transmission Trouble Start? Your transmission trouble can be the result of several issues. One cause could be that your torque converter either has worn and need bearings (it will emit a noise when it’s in gear) or it’s experiencing one-way clutch failure (resulting in a lack of power or overheating). Your transmission trouble can also be a direct result of a faulty solenoid causing gear slippage and slow shifting. Another common cause is the clutch, which will cause repeated stalling, sticking and slipping gears. Finally, it cou ... read more



The Many Forms of Auto Repair

Car repair doesn’t always have to be a drastic ordeal. In fact, car repair can be as simple as getting your oil changes. However, no matter the size (or the price) of your repair, it’s all vital to maintaining or restoring your car to its best condition. We have broken down some of the most common and important repairs to keep your engine running. Replace Your Air Filters Replacing your air filters may seem like a trivial task, but it’s vital for both your car and your own physical health. It’s wise to change them out every 10, 000 miles to allow your car to breathe efficiently. Install Air Intake Cold air improves your engines MPG efficiency, which saves you money at the pump. Replace Your Starter If your starter is dead than your car is dead. Have a new starter installed when your existing one begins to feel and sound a little rough. Replace Cooling Fans Heat is your cars enemy, so we ... read more


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Tips for Finding a Great Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair can be expensive, so it’s imperative to find a trustworthy and quality option that will give you the most bang for your buck. Sacramento has thousands of auto repair shops, so use the following tips to find the very best one for you, your location and your car. Listen to Others While every business advertises, the most honest reviews come from other consumers. Ask around with friends, family members, coworkers and even acquaintances for auto repair shop recommendations. If an auto repair shop has proven that it can satisfy its customers, they will tell you so! Location and Overhead Auto repair shops generally charge for labor hours, and the prices per hour can rapidly go up in affluent or over-populated areas. Before committing to a specific shop, inquire about how much of your service charge is going to the labor costs and how much is for the repair itself. Larger shops with lots of front of house staff will also have hire prices ... read more


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Suspension Repair – Things You Need To Know

You may be proud of your cars acceleration, torque or horsepower, but if you can’t actually control your car all of that doesn’t matter. The state of your suspension is the difference between a smooth ride and a deadly one, which is why suspension repair is no laughing matter. It’s wise to take care of any suspension issues early before they lead to larger problems. Here we are going to review some important information about your car’s suspension so that you and your vehicle can stay safe on the road. Chances are you aren’t driving on perfectly flat road all of the time which is why your suspension is so important. Even freshly paved roads have their flaws that effect the wheels of your car. When these issues on the road occur force is applied to your wheels. Just one small bump causes your wheels to move up and down on the road. This is why it’s necessary to have an intervening mechanism in place to ensure your wheel’s energy is transferred ... read more



What to Consider About BMW Repair

Even the ultimate driving machine needs a repair every now and then. BMW owners know there’s no worse feeling than when something goes wrong with their precious baby. Particularly because no ordinary repair shop can fix it. Since BMW’s are engineered in such a unique way the right repair shop requires extensive BMW knowledge, access to the right parts, and the tools to properly diagnose the problem. There is no small issue in a BMW as the full system relies on the sum of its parts, so it’s best to have your vehicle examined and maintained regularly. Here we will look into some factor to consider when your BMW is in need of a repair. Be sure that the mechanic you bring your car to has specific training on BMW’s and has access to diagnostic parts, tools and computers. It’s not necessary to bring your car to the dealership, there are definitely shops where you will find this. For a technician to be considered a ... read more


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